How long will blockheads last?


How long will the blockheads last for? I know this may be random but how long will it last for?

Since 1.8 May or may not come.


It will last till 2022


I’m looking for an honest question either by MajicDave or Milla.


it will last until the date 99/99/9999


I feel like blockheads will be sold to a big company and they’ll litter it with bad unwanted updates and ruin it for everyone and completely change ‘the blockheads’ making blockheads boring and no one downloads, so the game shuts down


Game will shut soon my thought as now servers cost real money and it means by only few ppl will make servers or add credit on thier server


Here’s an answer:

It’s unpredictable.


Unknown time for the game’s death


How many of you left blockheads thinking you will probably never play it again and now your back? Probably most of you, the people who actually cared and liked blockheads might go away but in the end they will always return because there is something about blockheads that makes you want to return even after a year. I have probably left 5 times for a long period of time 2 months up to a year maybe. So my answer is unless the developers ruin the game completely, it’s gonna last for a while now.


That’s what’ll happen to Minecraft.


few more months at the very very most.


I plan on hosting my server for five years at least. It depends. $36 a year is three meals at Chipotle Mexican Grill. $3 a month is a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Quit being frugal and collect some aluminum cans. Mow some lawns. Get a paper route. It’s never too early to earn your own way. To me this game is worth much more than what I currently pay.


Think i may end moonlight in may of 2020


Blockheads will end when it doesn’t not receive anymore updates and is a ‘dead’ game.


Well, Geometry Dash, on the other hand, won’t last very long. It’s been two years since a new update…


cough cough dice and EA cough cough


hey did you want to mine stone?
you need to pay 7.99 to do this!

hey did you want to talk?
you need 12.99 to do this!


bro, that is so true



wait, we have a sale! its now only 99.98!


I imagine the game will last as long as people are still interested and willing to invest in it, or as long as Dave is willing to keep it running. Either that, or something unexpected might happen that causes the game to shut down abruptly. It could happen tomorrow. Or Blockheads could keep going on forever. But given the fact that technology is constantly evolving, and gaming becoming more extravagant, it would be hard to sustain a simple(ish) game like The Blockheads for that long.