How long will blockheads last?


Think of it this way, a few years ago I had stopped playing blockheads due to my world being deleted after changing phones. I started again a few months ago, go into the new update and currently now a regular on the forum, which I had never done before. And help players online.

Even with new games, I got a simulator that lets me play old games like, Mario, snake, bounce and space impact.

Pretty sure as long as the game has been enjoyed by people, there will be those that come back to it and playa again.


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Well, 4 years ago Dave said he believed it would last at least another 9 years… (err… that feels like yesterday, yikes…)

A slightly newer post from Milla, the game won’t die until it isn’t viable.

And another:


My uneducated personal feeling is with the extermination of pirate tc the game has been given a new golden eara of life. With higher quality servers with a real investment demand on people (especially owners) we now have a lot more riding on the game. So fingers crossed its helping the game :slight_smile:



no! nine years is short! it must be longer!!!