How many cave trolls have you found on a server?


On my vannila/survival server so far five have been found in a 1x world. So I was curious about other people’s luck on finding them. Bigger servers might have more because of the opportunity for more caves.


The most I’ve found by myself is 9 or 10 on a server.

A forums member posted that they found 39


the most is one


They hit the cave troll jackpot


The few times I counted it was like 20 or 21 on 1x worlds


Only two. But I ended up tamming both of them :slight_smile:


I haven’t created any new world since the end update. Or can cave trolls spawn in old worlds


The other thing is that others will find trolls you miss. Unless you are the type to completely defog an entire world from core to space by yourself, you won’t cover the same ground as another player. The more people that play on a world, the more you will uncover.


Storytime? I don’t know the total on Rabbithole, because well, back when trolls were introduced, that was the only way to get ice armor. We didn’t have trade portals yet. So every troll that we found was killed for the ice armor. Ice armor was so highly sought after that one particular player tried to blackmail the staff to get a set. He threatened to keep griefing our underwater city unless we met his demands. This was also before admins could tell what player had placed a sign. After a few weeks of server monitoring, I finally nabbed the guy, tho.

My point? Well, years later, I thought all the trolls were long gone. The tunnels of that world are so thoroughly explored. That is…until Ronnie came along and found another one. I wonder how many more are still down there.


I have not find any cave troll, they are horribly rare.