How many servers u have?

I been playing this game since 2013 after some updates I was so exited for have a server of course I lost the old nickname I had.

But finally after years I have a work and can pay for some servers there’s a image of how many server I have and I have a question.

How many servers u have?

Two i think???
City 24 and the closet

I owned seven servers when the pirated Tc age was in its golden age. They’re all out of credit.

Two cloud servers, however most private and public servers I use are freely hosted by Wingysam and you can check out his service here.

Too many dead ones to count.

You own Survivalcraft 2?

Had 2 major cloud worlds, one vanilla, the other custom rules.
Some day I’m going to add credit and revisiting my old worlds.

i created my first world as player username snoopy,i cant remenber the name of my server bounded with time crystals :ouch:

I just have one server. I had a SP world years ago but then I deleted the game for a long time (I don’t think I knew at the time SP worlds are local)

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I created lucky #13 a year ago, but only 3 have credit at the moment. About half were short-lived test worlds.

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