How much do you play blockheads?



How much do you play Blockheads? and do you plan to continue playing till Ambience?


I plan on playing after Ambience. AFAIK the game isn’t going away even after Ambience.

  • I will play Blockheads till it ends, pray it never does
  • I will play Blockheads till Ambience then switch
  • I will play Blockheads for awhile longer
  • I’m about done playing (explain why)

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Will it be updated though?


We’ll see.




a lot so my friends don’t complain at me for not playing any games


There’s an update coming, but it’s just to cover legislative changes in some territories. There may be others. We don’t know yet. Odds are they will focus on fixing bugs though. That’s certainly my priority. I don’t have any news about adding new content or features. We really are wanting to move Sapiens forward, over everything else, at this point. The Blockheads is on the wane, and the new game has got over a major bump with the port to Vulkan.

The Blockheads is in good shape to last a fair while yet, mind. On the wane, just means content and feature updates don’t really make business sense.


Well, looks like blockheads ain’t quitting any time soon, don’t shut’er down yet!


Not much anymore, apparently. I mainly play Stardew Valley now.

(17 hours!! Wow!)


the update kind of killed the online experience, and alongside the lag that made my favorite worlds like atmos inoperable, i found myself not enjoying the game anymore
some of the game features too, but you win some you lose some there, so i wasn’t deeply swayed over feature changes