How much do you sell tamed animals for?



This post can help people see the different prices of animals could be in case they want to sell them but don’t know what a good price is for it.



How does this relate to that?


Because people buy and sell things there, so the prices can be checked out, possibly.


I made this post so people can say how much they sell donkeys or unicorns for and if some one else wants to sell them also that person can judge on where to set the price.


Doon i will reveal prices since right now i am working on taming unis


I did not sell animals, but if I’ve sold normal dodos, the price can be at least a golden coin (25 platinum for a Platinum/Diamond Dodo). And if I sell donkeys, the minimum would be 0.9 golden coins, which equals 90 copper coins (125 platinum for a rainbow unicorn).