How much players are there left in blockheads?

I came back to blockheads to check on it. My reason? nostalgia. I met my friends on blockheads and most of them are still on contact me with me right now, it sure is sad to lose some of them…


OH Zauks remember me??!
Where have you been these many days!
That means i am still left are you too?

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yep yep, sent you a dm. i left the game because i didn’t had much time to play on it. months passed by and i completely forgotten about the game. Came back cause one of the songs got recommended to me on youtube, blockheads instantly snapped in my head.

Oh i get it now why Dave used Bg music for Blockheads…

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Yeah, those songs get me in the feels,
i’ll head off now for tonight, i’ll get on tmr.

From the Sapiens Discord, a few months ago. I expect it hasn’t changed too much since then…

majicDave - 08/05/2019
The game is far from dead, and it’s not dying quickly either. There are about 200 players playing multiplayer games right this minute.


I’m glad MajicDave went with Kevin MacLeod for background music! :smile:


I’m here lol. Less than I used to be however

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I’m one of the people who left The BlockHeads, just because my phone (used to be my mum’s) is dead and cannot be fixed.

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oh, that’s unfortunate

I still play around once a week…my iPad (and my schedule too) can’t take anymore lol, the battery life of it is horrible.

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I used to play but the white screen + invisible inventory bar is why I don’t play anymore.

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aw that sucks

Honestly, I haven’t played ever since i was last online on the forums. I’m more active on Discord/Insta now. I can give those if you DM me, maybe. It was fun, though if there are any updates, I may come back.


welcome back lianna! :smiley:
it might take a while before the next update though.

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There have been a few bug fix updates, but no features :frowning:

Last Post Wins is still going strong :stuck_out_tongue: