How much TC is all of the trade portal level


I just want to know this so I can start a custom world for building


50 if you warp a work bench without dirt
120 for initial portal
50 for tp conversion
10 for amethyst
20 for sapphire
50 for emerald
100 for ruby
200 for diamond

600 for workbench without dirt, 550 with traditional workbench.



Hey, I didn’t know that!


What about changing the normal Portal to a trade portal? Wouldn’t that take 50 tc?


I thought that only cost a gold coin and a portal. And it would turn out I thought incorrectly.


50 if you warp a work bench without dirt

Isn’t it faster to break the dirt block immediately beside the portal and warp a workbench through the portal?


True, but some skip that conveniency anyways. I’ve never done it because I consider it a waste of tc, But I know of a few who have.