How safe is The Blockheads Cloud Servers?


I have been playing this game for a wile now. And I have seen and heard some very sad and stressful things. About 3 years ago, hackers where prety rampant from what I had seen. There where hackers that took over and destroyed servers, hackers that tried to hack into peoples devices, and hackers that stole peoples identity. I have to say, back then I was scared at times because of all the hackers, and it seemed like help was almost nowhere to be found. I was a moderator of a server once, there was once a hacker that said they would corrupt my username if I didn’t do as they told me. I also once knew a player that kept threatening to declare war on my server. And had friends that could hack into my apple store ID. And she also hacked into my owner portal, she got through password that I randomly typed, there was no way she could have guessed them.

I have had many threats from hackers, and I’m sure theres a whole lot of others who have to. I know hackers are a fact of life for anything online. Even just going to websites can be dangerous now. And though the threat level seems to have gone down, its still a problem… So lets talk about it. How safe is The Blockheads? And is there anything we can do to make the cloud safer? What do you guys think??


Blockheads is a safe game. It’s just a matter of where you play. Similar to real life- you’re safe until you start making dangerous decisions.

Some servers let hackers run free and in result, the server is usually completely destroyed with hacked items. Whereas the servers you would find posted on this forum are often careful with what they do.

Play on servers where hackers are not allowed to roam free and damage buildings and ruin your playtime. Reading your post, it seems you have been playing on the wrong servers.

I highly recommend you visit many of the ROP servers:
Skylands Arena: Owner - Jemnidad
Skylands Odyssey: Owner - Jemnidad
Moonlight Lanterns: Owner - Malon190
Maze Runner: Owner - Thuthu
Skeeve’s Gigantic Empire: Owner - Skeeve
Skeeve’s Challenge: Owner - Skeeve
Skeeve’s Summer Contest: Owner - Skeeve
Land of De Nile: Owner - Ingeniare
Hydronova: Owner - Storm2185
Neverland: Owner - Vyyv
Kepler-186f: Owner - Jimmyf
Kepler-452b: Owner - Jimmyf
Ashteroid: Owner - Asher-Disaster
Urbano: Owner - Mama Food Supply
Urbano Events: Owner - Mama Food Supply
Combato: Owner - Mama Food Supply
Team Forward: Owner - Mama Food Supply
Team Forward Sora: Owner - Mama Food Supply
Colorful Pastel: Owner - •Nyanko•
Neko Neko: Owner - •Nyanko•
Trader Joe’s: Owner - JoeU
CJ’s Legacy: Owner - Cactus Jack

ROP servers are safe. They ban extreme rule violators such as hackers, users with nude profile pics, etc. Then the information is posted to the mega blacklist where these hackers then get banned on ALL the other ROP servers.

The hackers you have encountered are most likely script kiddies -> children who use the hacks of another hacker because they lack the expertise to make the hacks themselves.
So the threats they have said are false. Empty. I have never seen/heard of a hacker being able to get into the Apple ID of another player. Hacking IGNs is also not possible as far as I know.

However, what you can do to prevent these hackers from ruining your enjoyment on your server is report them to Milla and ban them on sight. You can PM her the pictures of the hackers and the IGN, as well as the IP they used (IP is obtained from the /players command - usually a number like this: 123.212.123). Milla needs PROOF to be able to cloud ban these hackers. Without screenshots, she cannot ban them.

Hope that helps.


Smeeglefied is right - many of the servers above have existed for many months - if not years without the problems you’ve described. My own servers have blacklists that are nearly 6000 names long. We will never stop banning hackers, cheaters, abusers, sexual predators, and those who ally with them until we block every single last one of them from playing on our worlds.

Skeeve’s Gigantic Empire is over 2 and a half years old now. Started in April 2014, it is one of the safest servers to play on in the entire game. Our blacklist has almost 6000 names and keeps growing. Trouble still comes, but it is very, very rare. Kids of all ages will find it to be one of the most kid-friendly and safe worlds out there.

Many of the servers listed above are the same and share the same philosophy. There will always be troublemakers, but we have found a way to unite against them and create a close-knit community that excludes these low-lifes.


I agree with everything but the last few words. Come on, let’s keep the forums’ discussions courteous. There is no reason to use that kind of language.


I should have been specific - the “low-lifes” I was referring to was really meant for the sexual predators who come on with pornographic avatars and such. That wasn’t meant for the hackers, cheaters, and griefers - so I apologize for not making the distinction.