How should I farm apples?


Hey guys, I’m making a dodo farm and was running out of apples, so I wanted to make an apple farm, however; I’m unsure on how to grow them and was wondering what the best way to grow them is.

Should I grow them inside? Outside?
Does light make a difference?



This is my favorite greenhouse guide, it’s very efficient!

And to answer your question, more light and more heat are better.


Oh wow! Thank you!


Does water help?


If you want dodos to spawn from the apple trees the bottom block of the tree has to be free from back wall.


Not that I know of.


Use compost, that’s the main tip.


why do people put fireplaces under their trees? is that for heat???

@Azury use compost. it makes the tree grow a lot taller and gives you more apples.


Yep :slight_smile: campfires add heat and light, both which aid in growth and production.


Be careful with use of campfire near trees as they could accidentally set the trees on fire and destroy the farm and other wooden structures that are in close by.


Yeah, I hurt my first BH after taking this job by setting fire to her and the tree she was in with a fire I had her place. I think I actually posted to FB page about it. I’m going to have a look…


I recommend planting trees four block apart, into compost, with no back wall. You can use painters for light and kilns or well place campfires for warmth. Constantly picking up apples will greatly reduce the chance of dodos appearing.

Saving space, you can opt for making floating compost blocks that are about 5-7 blocks higher than the lower levels and planting more apples in those. This greatly increases production rate in a narrow spot where you can’t spread outwards, left or right.