How the cloud works for world owners and those who play on their worlds

I get a lot of demands that I reverse world bans, punish players who restrict activity and access on their worlds, admonish owners who revoke staff status from a player, and more. Generally it doesn’t take long to explain to them why I won’t do this in most cases, but it might be easier if I post an information thread here about this. SO here goes…

If you create a world it’s yours within reason. You can let in or exclude players as you wish and without justification, decide theme, play style, content, and such-like. We will not interfere with this unless your world breaches our standards.

As a world owner nobody can question your right to choose who participates in your world. You set the rules, choose how play should be conducted, select staff, and deal with the yes and no of who gets to play there. No player should expect you to explain your preferences in this respect or demand explanation of you. It’s your world, and you can run it as you choose, within our code of conduct.

In return we expect you to manage your world in such a way that it doesn’t breach our standards or policies. An important aspect of this is that it should be child-friendly. If it’s not child-friendly it should be running restricted access at all times and no children should be given access by sharing the link or whitelisting their account. You are responsible for the content and conduct on your world even when you are not connected to it, and must run it accordingly. As is outlined in the game when you create a new cloud world, we reserve the right to take action in the cloud if we deem it appropriate. Generally this might mean a world could be locked to private status indefinitely, but in extreme cases we may confiscate a world and lock out all players.

We also expect you to refrain from such unfair behaviour as could be construed as bullying, such as blackmailing, taking from players then banning them once you have what you want from them, threatening players, or stealing from their safes/chests without good reason. A good reason might be taking out paintings that depict inappropriate content or the like. A bad one is that you like their stuff and want it for yourself.

We do not permit sexual or threatening content or conduct, and we reserve the right to restrict or remove access to a world for any reason we deem fit, or to block access to any player we consider problematic. We promise not to do either unreasonably, but this is our platform and as such as reserve the right to manage it according to our own standards and policies.

Basically, you can consider your world to be your play-room, rented from us, under our rules and standards, to be used as you see fit, under our rules and standards. No rule may be set on your world that contradicts or counteracts our rules about worlds being child-friendly. For example, you can’t set a rule that all those who want to play on your world must provide contact information, because we don’t permit the gathering of personal information about players. You can however, require that they do things your way while they play on your world if that doesn’t run counter to our way of doing things.

Please ask in this thread if you have questions, but if you have a complaint or query against a specific world or player do not post it here. Such posts should be addressed to me in a private message.


What are the punishments for different things? Including sexual content, bullying, and other things of that nature. What I mean by “punishments” is how long people are cloud banned for each offense, or how long worlds are locked or whitelisted only to you for each offense. I’m honestly curious. :stuck_out_tongue:

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There’s no set structure. It depends on the individual case.

Anyone we consider to present a threat to the wellbeing of young players will be permanently banned, but how we assess that threat is very much judged on a case by case basis.

A permanent ban is exactly what its name implies.

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(Basically what happens)

Player 1 enters world
Admin: Get out of here you noobisaurous-rex
Player 1: But
Admin: /ban Player 1
Admin has banned Player 1



This should be pinned, in order for forumers down the line to see this also, in my opinion.


Or added into a guide to cloud server-ownership


I think this is a wonderful reference. I wish everyone who owned a cloud server read this. :slight_smile:

I assume you would handle this in a case by case basis, but if this exact scenario happened… What do you think you possibly might do @milla if someone complained and said 3 stacks of portals, and their hacked copper spear was taken by the owner of a cloud server from their safe, and then the owner banned them?

Assume that the world owner has never been cloud banned, and had a good reputation on the cloud except for a few other people complaining about things being stolen from them by the owner.
And assume the server has never had any disciplinary actions by any you (or anyone else who ever enforced the cloud), and was within Majic Jungles standards and has never recived a complaint except for those who had items stolen from them.
Also assume that the players who reported the server has never been cloud banned, and has a good reputation and had no legitimate complaints from other players.


thats the first time ive seen milla make a capititlized word

As you say, it would be case by case. I am not going to discuss this further, so people can stop asking :slight_smile:

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Not that i do any inappropriate things in blockheads but do private/whitelisted worlds have to obey these rules aswell? As long as children do not click on the link?

We don’t really want our systems misused at all, but a permanently private world is less problematic, which is why I lock them down in the first place. I may go after the players still, if I feel they present a risk.


Hi milla, I had to delete one of my Blockheads accounts on game and I was the owner of the server. Now I can’t sign into that account. Is there anyway to make me owner again?

This isn’t the proper place to ask her, you should PM her.

Once you look around the forums a bit you will be granted the ability to PM.



No problem, and welcome to the forums Lidi!

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Pinned to remind the veterans, and inform the newer members :slight_smile: