How the Site Works?


I’m not entirely sure how to use this platform… I see how to do a few things like the liking and stuff… But some of the other stuff I don’t understand

Is there any source of how to use this platform or someone that can explain it? Thank you


I think the buttons are kinda obvious.
Anyways, you should check the FAQ or something.


I didn’t mean that


Then I’ll do my best.
The bookmark button bookmarks the topic.
The like button likes it.
The reply button replies to a post.
The link button is for inserting links.
The “…” button has more options in it.
Flag: For posts that are off topic or inappropiate.

On the message thingy, The B is for black text, I for Italic, and the image thingy is for images.

Sorry if I couldn’t be that specific.


What specifically do you not understand or want to know more about? :slight_smile:


I think I’m asking more for a guide of how to use the platform itself. I don’t usually use anything like this so it’d be helpful for a more direct source so I can learn easier to use this


Does this help?


I think the platform is self explanatory. Just go explore on what you can do, to learn how the forums works!


And feel free to post questions if you want to know about anything specifically :slight_smile:

For the sake of tidiness you can post your questions in this thread.


That does help, yes. Thanks for the help with this otherwise, I’m not really good with these kinds of sites so help is appreciated

I have a general idea of what to do so I’ll let you know if there are questions to be asked, thanks everybody!

Oh, and it said I couldn’t post for 24 hours after a bit, that’s why I’m posting now.


The forums used to send out a pm explaining everything, but I guess that’s been disabled because of the whole Discobot fiasco. I hope its okay that I took it and put it here. (be warned, it’s pretty long)

Everything on how this site works.


Not sure how a robot that sends those would be so disastrous… Either way that helps, if I have any more questions, and i likely will, here


It was a newly-added bot that could generate replies based on certain keywords. (@discobot + x statement) could generate a lot of stuff, so milla disabled it to prevent spam, which also turned off the auto-pm for new forumers somehow, probably because it had been placed under discobot’s control by the new update.


The introduction of the bot script marked the removal the information email, much to my annoyance. Discourse was made less user-friendly as a result. Very bad design decision from Discourse HQ there, but never mind.


Probably pretty infeasible, but why not offer to send something manually should and if, for instance, the person introduces themselves publicly or requests it? I don’t know how Discourse works, so I can’t really say.


Welcome to the forum, I hope you find your way around. Forums in general are an extremely good thing to know about on the internet. Forums have introduced me to more friends who share a common interest, and more in depth game details than any other social thing on the web. In fact, whenever I find a game that I like, I look for a forum for it. to learn more and have a place to ask questions.

Forums often have slightly different features depending on what platform hosts the forum. In our case it’s Discourse. But they all have the same general ability to read and post on threads about various topics.


Reddit is beginning to take over. :frowning: