HOW to breed HYBRID TULIPS guide


It seems like tulips and breeding hybrids fascinates many players, including me. I’ve been experimenting a lot lately and found that there are many different ways to do it. There’s no one right way but there are a few things and strategies that make breeding tulips a lot easier.
There are already a few guides out there - about the tulip basics, keeping them organized, etc.
I haven’t found an actual hybrid guide though, and because I was asking for one the other day I thought I’d share my strategy on how to get hybrids and write up a guide myself.

I don’t want to be repetitive and explain the same stuff again that others have already shared, but just a few basics:

  1. Although it’s not required to have pure bred tulips to make hybrids it’s much easier to start out with pure bred ones. I personally think it’s best to collect (and eventually also breed) tulips in SP worlds. If you go out hunting for pure bred starter-tulips you know in a SP world that it wasn’t YOU who planted them, hence if they stand by themselves they must be pure bred tulips (on a server anyone could have planted a seed and you wouldn’t know).

I’ve circumvented two whole worlds to find all pure bred tulip colors possible, and at least for me searching only the ground wasn’t successful (I either couldn’t find a purple or a white tulip there). I suggest when you are still looking for pure bred tulips check some floating islands. I’ve always been able to find all possible pure bred tulip colors there.

  1. Each tulip always gives you one seed and two bulbs.
    If you plant those bulbs, you will always get the exact same tulip as you harvested the bulbs from.
    If you plant the seed, you may get any tulip (when it comes to breeding hybrids).

Once you have all pure bred tulip colors, build a greenhouse. Plant (just to be super safe) only their bulbs. Don’t mix them…make separate areas for white, yellow, red, blue and purple tulips. Mediate a few times, harvest them, replant the bulbs and so on until you have a good stack of bulbs from each color.

Getting Hybrids:

It’s easiest to start out with a pattern. Make a list of possible single color tulip combos.
White/yellow - yellow/white
White/red - red/white
White/blue - blue/white

For the example on how to start getting hybrids I used the yellow/purple - purple/yellow combination.

  1. I prefer always planting 10 tulips (5 of one color, and 5 of the other color) to get more hybrids faster.
    What I did in the picture below, is planting pure bred [COLOR="#EE82EE"]purple[/COLOR] bulbs and pure bred [COLOR="#FFFF00"]yellow[/COLOR] bulbs.

  1. Then I’ll do pretty much the same thing again - planting the same combination of bulbs.

Note: the signs above the tulips are different - one says “yellow/purple” whereas the other one says “purple/yellow”. This helps me to remember which tulips I want to become hybrids and which will stay constants. I always switch out the second color on the sign.

Here is what I mean by that:

  1. Picture ONE says “yellow/purple”.
    So go ahead and harvest the 5 [COLOR="#FFFF00"]yellow[/COLOR] tulips. Replant those bulbs! (I personally throw any extra bulbs/seeds away when experimenting)
    Then harvest the remaining 5 [COLOR="#EE82EE"]purple[/COLOR] tulips. Replant those seeds!

Picture TWO says “purple/yellow”.
Harvest the 5 [COLOR="#EE82EE"]purple[/COLOR] tulips. Replant those bulbs.
Then harvest the remaining 5 [COLOR="#FFFF00"]yellow[/COLOR] tulips. Replant those seeds!

Here is what happens to picture ONE when doing exactly what described above:

You can see that the yellow tulips haven’t changed at all because they were my constants. Out of the 5 purple tulips I tied to turn into hybrids, I actually got 4 hybrids on my first replant.
Only the first purple tulip hasn’t turned into an obvious hybrid, but don’t let that fool you - if you replanted it’s seed it will probably change into one in your next try.

Here is what happens to picture TWO when doing exactly what described above:

Again, you can see that the purple tulips haven’t changed at all because here they were my constants. Out of the 5 yellow tulips two turned into a hybrid in my first replant.

When you like a hybrid, harvest it and plant the bulb. If you don’t like the hybrids, simply harvest them and replant their seeds in between those constants. You will get different but also the same hybrids the more you replant their seeds. Keep repeating this process and grow a giant hybrid farm.
Once you have a lot of hybrids plant their seeds and bulbs in the same pattern (constant bulbs and different seeds) to get even more variations!

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Why did you dig up the purple and re-plant the bulb?
In a YPYPYPYPYP row, I leave the original purple tulips there, just dig up yellow tulips, and re-plant the seed.

When I went around my world, I don’t think I found any white tulips either. My white and purple were only found on floating islands. I wonder if they only spawn at a certain altitude.


I harvest and replant the constant bulbs because I wanna make sure that they start blossoming at the same time as the seeds again…


I am going to try this now!


Good luck! :slight_smile: Following this pattern will get you hybrids petty fast!


What Should The Greenhouse Be Made Of?


Oh, so that means:
When you plant the bulb, the bulb will be the one that will become a hybrid.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


No, the seed will be the hybrid.


Typically, I go with glass. It lets light in, and it looks natural. It’s not too important in my opinion, though.


sigh I can’t do it. It’s either I’m doing it wrong and I can’t work out what I did wrong, or I’m extremely unlucky.


Thanks So Much!!! Have These So Far

Looool this one is a joke


Don’t give up, keep planting different colors beside each other, waiting until they bloom before harvesting with a shovel, then replanting the seed.
Remember very important :
Plant different colors next to each other
Harvest blooming tulip with shovel
Replant seed, not bulb
It may take several blooming cycles, but you will get hybrids. Just keep at it!


Is it possible plant hybrids and pure breed together and it will form another new variations?


Yes it is as the seed of each tulip contains the genetic material for mutation. It may take a number of generations for the mutation to occur.

You may wish to check out some of these discussions on tulip breeding.


lol I know right unless they have hd textures or something it’s soo fake:joy:


I have black tulips, they were really hard to get!


Really? Please do tell me how! :wink:


It took a very very long time! I slowly tried to get a dark Color tulips dark red , and then one time I got a red and black tulips, then finally leading to a pure black one! I don’t really have a method on how I did it but I have :smiley:


Cool, thank you! I will see if I can do it too. :smiley:


I did that probably a hundred times, and probably 200+ seeds each time too. Still never got a black tulip, but i had so many beautiful tulips. I just wish there was an easier way to identify their exact colour, and of course store them together.