How to buy time crystals on Android?

I heard the game was removed from the Play Store, but the APK was avaliable. I wanted to buy some time crystals, but then every time I attempt to make a purchase this pops up.

I’m going to guess this is related to the game being removed from the Play Store. So then, what other options do I have to make an in-game purchase?

In-app purchases require a sales platform to work. You can’t make them on Android any longer. TCs may be collected by mining TC blocks though.

Unfortunately, there are no other options.

There are 2 other ways to earn TC besides purchasing them or viewing ads:

  1. Do the 50 TC job at the Trade Portal as often as it comes up.
    The 50TC Job at the Trade Portal

  2. Create a size 4x Expert World for harvesting Time Crystals.
    Expert World Untapped Potential
    This thread outlines how an Expert World, once properly set up, may be used to get 33% more Time Crystals than Vanilla. It also references an old thread by an old friend named @Ronnie who collected 10,000 Time Crystals from a 1X vanilla world.

Edit: You don’t have to create a 4x size world - I just recommend that because of the large time investment required to get up to a Diamond Pickaxe to maximize your profits.

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is there any platform where there aren’t any ads to watch? and hopefully tracks account creation date. I wanna be able to prove to ppl I didn’t get my tc that way

Hey Des,
I think the Android users can’t watch ads anymore. But curious though - why would you want to prove to people you didn’t get your TC thru ads? It’s perfectly legit and the revenue generated pays for the upkeep of the cloud servers running the game.

On the other hand, I can see value in being a purist and only gaining TC from TC blocks. There’s a thread discussing “Worlds from Scratch” which is an attempt to do this very thing.

As best as I can determine - this was the original thread for the idea of Worlds from Scratch:
Alternate Gameplay - Tips & Guides - The Blockheads

android support went down a lot, it’s not 100% gone but it’s mostly gone, you’ll either have to mine time crystal blocks like suggested or get lucky via meditation, or get an apple device, and it’s possible to use some sort of vmware to run ios on an android device but i’m not sure it’d be worth the time