How to connect, start a cloud server, common problems, etc

How to connect to a cloud server:

To connect to a cloud server open Blockheads and scroll right until you see the “Join World” portal.
If you just want to visit any random server, click “Join Random World.”

If you want to join a server that you know about or a friend has told you about, click “Advanced” and then “Search”.

If you are not sure what kind of server you would like to join, you can search the web for Blockheads servers or visit the Blockheads server list here.

How to start a cloud server:

To start a cloud server open Blockheads and scroll right until you see the “Create World” portal. Then select “Server” and click “Create World…”. Here you can decide the options relating to your server. Choose a name, world size and fill in the other options. Beware, 16x worlds are massive and can be hard to manage due to their size.

More information on starting a server can be found here:

Common connection issues:

Sometimes you may have issues connecting to a server. There may be several reasons for this.

First, make sure the servers you seek to connect to do not have a lock symbol next to them. This means the server is protected by a password and cannot be accessed by anyone who does not know the password.

Next, the server may have a whitelist. A whitelist is a list which blocks people from entering a server. In the example that follows, Bob and Jacob have been whitelisted and are therefore able to enter the server. Kevin however, still needs to be whitelisted to enter.

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Reserved area.

Reserved area.

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Poor (empty). Did they do PvP? XD love the guide

Thanks! Doing this to update our outdated stickies here. That diagram is from Blockhead Bean Lol :slight_smile:

Whenever i try to join or start a server it says i need wifi which i have, and that it need s to be the latest blockheads game version, which i have, please help

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]How the **** the server credits work? :3[/FONT]

Welcome to the forums! I will try my best to answer your question as another forum member. Here is a quote from what another member mentioned in the forum, it should answer your question. (Server credits is the amount of tcs you put into the server hosting-which can be done at the portal of that server)

I hope that answers your question:)


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I had that problem for a while too but now its gone. Think I had to delete the game and then re-install it. Dont know if there is any other way to make it go away apart from wait or delete the app.

Wow great guide! Funny I haven’t seen this one before :rolleyes:
I must say, it was explained in a very easy to understand way, and with pictures!

Can’t go online. The app says that i don’t have internet connection… HELP please.

Hi PUPUCE1986,
This thread is quite old. There is a rule against ‘bumping’ an old thread.

I advise you read the rest of the rules here:

The message that is popping up is connected to the cloud outage.
Read about it here:
It is not really related to your internet connection :slight_smile:

So when I try to log into a server, it won’t let me use my alias. It says it has been taken. But that alias has always been mine since the beginning of multiplayer. What do i do?

Hello. cantd how to turn off server or at least pause it. one of three servers is paused but don’t know how that happened.thanks

They auto-pause when not in use (no one visits for about an hour). However the time is still running on them and they will cost regardless.

Hey, I had server, but lost it after I uninstalled BH. It was long time ago and I don’t rememeber the adress (or what?). How can I return it to me?

Talk to Milla at support [at] (email).

I think nowadays you can just PM her.

Hi Soaku and welcome to the forums!
You should private message Milla through the forums with information about your issue. Be sure to include the type of device you have, what OS it has, your support ID, and any other important details.

To find your support ID (SID) you should go into the game, open the pause menu and tap HELP/CREDITS, scroll down to Support and you should find an alphanumeric code that is your SID. Be sure not to share it with ANYONE except Milla.

Here’s how you can private message Milla if you don’t know how:

  • Tap on your profile picture (the green S in the top right)
  • Tap the little mail icon
  • Choose New Message
  • Type Milla into the add users box, type a subject and explain your issue
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Doesn’t whitelisted servers have the lock symbol as well??