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Yes, they do


I have a server but I think the world may have corrupted. The reason I think this is because no matter what the server won’t let me connect. I even tried a different device. It’s my brother’s who plays on the server with me. Is there anyway to tell whether or not the world’s actually corrupted?


Welcome to the forums @NuraShadow. In order to make sure your query is seen by as many people as possible you should create it as a new topic, this one is quite old. We do also have a rule about not posting to old threads, it’s generally a good idea to read the rules before posting anything, just as you read a server rules before entering.

You can find the main forum rules here: and there are also posts in each category with things specific to that category.

In many cases the problem you have experienced is because the server needs a “kick” from Milla.


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If you have a look at the welcome message there is loads of information in there about how to do things on the forum. You can also reply to it to contact Milla about the problem with your server.


Hey I’m having trouble connecting with a friend via gamecenter and we don’t know how to fix it we are running the same version of iOS and the game please help if you know how to fix this!


Unfortunatly apple has “broken” game center. As far as I know, it is now mainly for iMessage games. Unfortunatly (as far as I know) this means, you can’t play game center worlds anymore. :frowning:

There was recently a thread about this, I couldn’t find it.


My game tells me my alias is being used but it’s the same one I’ve always used joining a world I’ve joined before in the same device I always join it on. Any reasons why this could be happening?


I don’t think it’s understood why this happens but it sometimes does for random reasons. The game thinks that your device ID has changed and won’t let you join with that name. You can send a PM to Milla with your Support ID and IGN, found on the Help/credits screen. DO NOT share this ID with anyone else. Milla handles support issues but seeing as it’s the weekend, you might have to wait a few days.


I get that sometimes too but I just end up changing my name and it works perfectly after.


Can we still create worlds with time crystals?


No. This feature was removed because of “free TC”, AKA hacked TC. It was replaced by in-app purchases.


aw :frowning: i see… thanks. It’s been a few years since I last played


That’s okay! :slight_smile: