How to contact milla directly?

i tried to contact support about a blockheads issue but no response from email

is there any way to contact milla besides that? will this forums work to contact her? it is very important and i appreciate help

thank you :slight_smile:

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You should private message her on the forums, which is a privilege you’ll get eventually. Also, it tends to take a decent amount of time for a response.

ok. how long should it take? the problem has already escalated

She checks the forums when she has time to check the forums. She’s a busy woman :slight_smile:

lol that makes sense, i doubt she has enough time to go between the new game and here

sorry if i seem impatient, it is not life or death but it isn’t exactly something that can wait too long :confused:

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I think @agentpinkdog made a. Video about how to pm milla. Lemme get the link.
Ok here we go

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You need to gain the basic badge before you can PM other people. It shouldn’t take very long to gain.


You could also try to describe the problem, so when Milla reads this thread, she’ll already know what’s wrong when she contacts you.

Also, there’s a chance someone else might be able to help you, depending on what the issue is.


i don’t think so, but i’m not sure

it has to do with a very lengthy series of owner portal intrusions that i’ve personally witnessed, and others have too

all i know for sure is that some people were being ‘ddosed’ and a lot of people have been afraid to contact milla due to the threats of the intruder, but as soon as i see them i don’t comment to avoid the possibility of being hacked to contact

also, another alleged claim was that the hacker were using password crackers and intentionally using some kind of script to reload lists

i don’t exactly know which things are and aren’t true and that’s a good reason to ask for help, i don’t know how severe it actually is and i don’t want to take chances for anyone’s sake

edit: other side note is it seems like it’s some form of vigilante justice, most i see are anime servers and i know mixed feelings, vigilante justice in any form isn’t good though so yet another reason to report

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Just so I’m understanding, are you saying the hackers can see player’s IPs, and then spam them with DDoS attacks directly? Not against the cloud server itself, but against the players?

It would probably help if you had some screenshots to post. You can edit out everyone else’s usernames and (although it’s technically naming and shaming) I think it would be all right to leave the intruder’s name unmarked.

i think milla would recognize the name if she heard it, and likely people will recognize it as well, so i’m not sure

that is what has been allegedly happening, some users seemed legitimately afraid and kept complaining about the symptoms

ex, slow internet, taking longer to connect to servers, spontaneous internet disconnection, ect

when using the owner portal, i assume they get ips from vulnerable players without a vpn and do so, but free vpns can be broken so i can’t speak to that either

some particular points in the log file were pointed out on discord so maybe i can try to get them?

late edit: if anything maybe they’re seeing this and they’ll lay off, we’ll see

I will PM you today. This isn’t my only job, and my time is limited, so there are no regular office hours any more. Sorry.


yeah, you manage more than one community, i get that