How to effectively grind TC


It’s been said time and time again that pirated TC is bad- and it’s true! But then, how do you get it otherwise? I know that there are several threads for collecting TC, most through mining or videos. Here’s my take on it.

As of 1.6, January 2018, there are 6 ways to get TC:

  1. Watch videos / ads
  2. Share a link about the Blockheads
  3. Like MJ on Facebook
  4. Purchase it through IAPs
  5. Mine TC
  6. Meditate and strike it lucky

To grind TC effectively, you’ll need a vanilla world which is fairly advanced, for faster results. Here are all of the materials you need:

  • Base amount of TC depending on what you have
  • 5 of each required food for BH
  • Golden pickaxe (comes with BHs)
  • Diamond pickaxe
  • Steel/titanium pickaxe
  • 1 or 2 stacks of accessible, filling foods
  • Chest
  • 3 doors / access to lava chute
  • Bed
  • Time. Lots of it.

Let’s start! You’ll need 5 Blockheads. Go ahead, make them. I recommend servers like UNIHORSE because they’re well developed. Build a small hut for your Blockheads to meditate, close to a downward mine. Assign jobs to each Blockhead.

  • Blockhead 1 should be equipped with some goodies, like clothes, armor, food, and a trusty pickaxe. Make sure they have a chest, 3 doors, or a lava chute to junk any trash (unless you want to keep the loot). BH1 is now nicknamed Miner.
  • Blockhead 2 should have a golden pickaxe (more than one!) or a golden spade. They should also have plenty of coffee. They’ll be nicknamed Jones (Indiana Jones :wink:).
  • Blockhead 3 (nicknamed Chuck the Chute) will be constantly meditating for TC. So will Blockhead 4 and 5. However, Chuck will be sending supplies to Miner through either a portal chest or through dropping them.

To start, have Miner dig straight down, all the way to the core. Place a block on the final block, then start exploring all the caves. If you find any cavities, mine them out. Use your steel pickaxes to destroy the stone, and when you find TC, break it until it’s near destroyed.

Afterwards, click with the diamond pick. This saves durability and still gives the rewards. When you need supplies, go to the main tunnel (earth to core), and have Chuck shoot them down.
Make sure you sleep in a bed, and only drink coffee when you need it, so that the med cycle will pass quickly. Only do this if you’re alone. Otherwise, sip away, caffeinators!

So, that’s just 1 (technically 2, since you’re medding quite a bit) method. Now what?

Indiana Jones is just sitting around ATM: have him mine plenty of blocks with his trusty shovel (or gold, whatever you prefer). There’s a slight chance you’ll get TC, plus some other goodies! Jones should be doing this passively, so mine only the edges of caves and the alignments.

Finally, the ads. I recommend doing this while playing another game, or split-screening while doing it to occupy your time. It’s effective, quick, all that majic. Assuming you haven’t already shared the link and liked on Facebook, do that right away! It’s a quick way to earn some easy TC.

I’ve done this multiple times and in the past year I’ve stacked up 5000 TC on top of my existing 4k. I’ve done most of it aggressively at first, but then passively as I watched ads. Obviously, you can also purchase TC (I’ve gotten 1k this way, so a little cheating :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:).

Good luck! May the majic be with you.

[Bonus tip! If you’re kind of lazy, every world has a block or two or TC directly below spawn. You can use your fists (or upgrade to the stone age), to go get it. :slight_smile:]


Great guide! I might use this in the future!

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Am pretty sure diamond pickaxe can destroy tc blocks in one hit, no matter how damaged it is.
Fantastic guide! :slight_smile:


I’d recommend against spawning in a fourth or fifth blockhead. They cost 150 or 200 TC respectively. The odds of meditating a TC is 1 in 47, according to If we’re looking to break even on the cost on your fourth blockhead, you’ll be looking at:
150 TC x (1/47 chance) = 7050 meditation cycles.
Even if you were under optimal conditions getting 3 TC every meditation cycle, you’ll be looking at 50 meditation cycles to break even, about 12 hours and 30 minutes in real life without the meditation/sleeping speed up.


We’re talking chance here- you don’t really need them, they’re optional. I had this in mind while making the guide. You could have 3 Indiana Jones instead, too.

@Ray You’re right! I had that in mind for other pickaxes, it’s generally a good habit.

I don’t really meditate for TC, it only gives you one. :wow: But great guide! I should try strip-mining more…

When I’m trying to sleep, I just run some ads.


I usually play some other game (short space), and split screen it on my iPad. I play while watching ads, so it’s not actually wasting my time. I also play Overwatch and passively watch ads after every kill I get.

Note, unlike sleep, med cycles do not go any faster when time goes faster. They are a constant 15 minutes. :slight_smile:

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