How to (efficiently) discover items on the trade portal


So what do you mean like this, do i have to collect all the items and then do something? and the answer to that is sort of no.

There is an easier solution if you already have one that’s discovered or have gone to worlds before 1.7

Now to do it its pretty simple. :slight_smile:

Step one:
Buy the item of choice to discover and buy a few chests if you are looking to make more then 1 item discovered.

Note: you only need one of each

Step two:
And then when you are ready you can transport them via portal chest to the chosen world.

Step three:
Then take the chests out of the portal chest and look inside the chest

Step four:
Then get out and look at the trade portal. you’ll see all the items you have chosen discovered.

I hope this helps some out on their journey :smiley:

This is only for vanilla because custom doesn’t have portal chests but still, i hope it helped some of you out :slight_smile:


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Why did you delete your post?


Oh, that was of a bug I think I had or something. But I think this topic won’t fail unless of course it resets the trade. :confused:


@TheAllMightyNewb that is a great way to do so. :thumbsup:




I think I get what you were saying. You can set aside chests full with one of everything. These chest can be used for blockheads of different worlds to ‘discover’ everything in one go. Even in servers.

After helping some people, I think I’m going to try this.