How to explore and circumnavigate the world like a pro: Blockheads April Advent Calendar (Day 2)

So, you want to explore the corners of the world?

Urine luck, because I am here to guide you on your next journey to the far north.

Okay, so…
First thing’s first, you gotta prepare for your trip. So what’s recommended here is that YOU NEED some sort of fur/leather farm.

Time to explore!

So, before you go anywhere. ALWAYS make sure you have your inventory sorted, and that you are actually ready to go. The last thing you want is to be defenseless and die due to some preventable reason.
So, always make sure you have:

  • Tools:
  • Shovel and spear/sword are the most important
  • Pickaxe
  • Axe
  • Bed
  • A lot of food
  • Blocks for scaffolding
  • Empty chest
  • Level 1 workbench
  • Boat
  • Pole clothes

First of all, you need tools in order to adapt yourself to the environment. A shovel is very important in order to dig under the dirt/sand for protection and warmth, a pickaxe is important in case you stumble upon a cave and decide to go mining, or to carve your way up a mountain, and a spear/sword is essential in case you want to defend yourself from an external threat.

Also do not forget to bring food. Do not expect to find food on your way because chances are you might run into a harsh biome.

Always bring a boat, in case there is a humuguis ocean you need to cross.

And if you’re planning to go exploring for a long amount of time, bring a bed with you, so you can skip the night faster.

Chests are the most underrated item in this game. You cannot believe how useful they are. They’re basically free inventory spaces. And they’re very easy to craft. And best of all: There is no limit on how much chests you can carry. You can store chests inside of chests. They are very useful for inventory management. GET YOURSELF A CHEST you will give yourself a favor.

So, nightfall appears and you’re very far away from home. You’re cold and you’re tier. But lucky for you, the whole floor is made out of cold-resistant blocks. Hit up that shovel and dig a hole underground to make a very temporary base. Try to dig at-least 2 blocks below the ground, and if you have a campfire, place it for extra warmth. And also make sure you don’t trap yourself in there, and try to make a small peak in order to better get out of the hole.

After you wake up, make sure to cover up that hole. Especially if you’re in a multiplayer server. You don’t want people to know you were there.

After minutes of searching, there it is! The north pole!

Make sure you have an easy way to get up there and claim your treasure: ETERNAL WARMTH

in multiplayer, make sure you’re the first one to get it in order to show dominance to all the peasants who don’t have cool gear.

Hey, would you look at that, a heard of yaks! That would make a nice new fur jacket that I could wear later!

And now you know how to properly survive in the wild! See ya tomorrow!


The whole blockhead-world is ready to explore!

Oof I’m lacking Time Crystals. Let’s get TC tomorow!


Is that the most important part? :laughing:

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