How to farm like a pro and mass-produce items: Blockheads April Advent Calendar (Day 1)

Let’s farm! :smiley:

So, you’re a poor and hungry blockhead in need of a farm. So the kind of farms that you need to get started with is apple farm, dodo farm, wood farm, fur/leather farm, and flax farm.

The best way to get loads and loads of fur and leather, is by planting as much wheat, and pine trees as you possibly can, and the most efficient way to build a farm, is by building towers.

And just a quick fun fact about pine trees. THEY ARE THE BEST. Pine trees are the best source of wood you can find. They grow super fast, and the best part: they can grow anywhere. It doesn’t matter how hot or cold the biome is, pine trees will grow.
You can even grow them in space or near lava (just be careful or they might burn).

As you may know, Blockheads is a 2D game, (not 2.5D), so that means there are only so many places you can go left and right. So, why not build Up and down in order to save up some space for future builds?

So as you can see here, I have killed around 6 drop bears and a yak. And, for the final result, I have received 12 leather and 8 fur. Perfect. I can craft a fur coat with these.

Also, as good as pine trees are. You need apple trees. Apple trees are the best source of food. If you plant them on compost, they produce wayyyy more apples, but however, if you plant them on dirt, you get way more dodo birds spawning. Planting seeds on dirt increases the chance for animals to spawn.

Also, don’t forget to plant flax. Flax is a great way to mass-produce items. Flax seeds are an efficient item to turn into compost. As you can use the flax itself to craft linen for other projects. You can also use flax seeds to craft oil. But I would suggest if you want to make an oil farm, plant sunflowers instead, because they produce more seeds.

Also, as you can see on the image above, try not to plant every single block, as dodo birds tend to lay eggs. If dodo birds have someplace to lay eggs, the dodo bird population will increase, and, you can get a chance to get rare eggs that you can use to melt down into raw material with an egg-beating machine.


It aint much, but it’s honest work.

See ya tomorrow! We will go exploring! :wink:


I already have my eyes peeled! :rolleyes: