How to Fast Forward indefinitely on expert worlds

On survival expert mode worlds, meditation is disabled. And sleeping to fast forward only works for a few minutes at a time, then your bh wakes up and you have to run around getting tired before you can fast forward again. But I accidentally discovered how to fast forward indefinitely, even on survival expert mode worlds.

It’s pretty simple - you just start your bh sleeping, and once the world is fast forwarding, you press pause. The world stays in fast forward and your bh never wakes up. You can fast forward for hours at a time if you want to! This is great for getting pole items, hatching eggs, growing farms, etc etc etc. :smiley:

If you slide the screen so that you can keep an eye on whatever you are waiting for, you just take it off pause and wake up your bh whenever needed. Remember that the center of the screen will be blocked by the pause menu, so put what you want to see off to one side, or at the top or bottom of the screen.


Helpful lol

Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of no meditation (making the world harder)? Unless you’re TC farming on your expert mega mining server ofc :smiley:

The point of this post is to defeat the point of no meditation

The world is still harder, since meditating is used to get items, not just to fast forward. Paused sleeping will not get you food or gems or other items. People already use pausing to avoid death in many situations, so I don’t think it’s a misuse of pausing.

And this can only be done when you are alone on the world, meditating is done all the time by players just to keep their bh alive while using other bh to accomplish tasks. You can’t use any of your bh while you are on pause, so you can’t just use it in the same way as meditating.

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It’s not a misuse, just makes the game too easy!

Just like the TP buy glitch on jobs only, it’s not directly detrimental to the game as a whole but just makes expert mode too easy hehe

Well since I mostly use it on my farm worlds, where the point is to gather items, I don’t mind a bit of easy lol. I never ever meditate on any world, so finding a way to fast forward without meditating made me very happy.


I love doing this. I don’t think it makes the game “too easy”, it’s saving my valuable time—it’s not cheating to me…I like to think of it as…well…outsmarting the system!

Yeah, I agree. I don’t like to ruin the challenge of expert worlds. :slight_smile:

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It really is up to the individual player. For me, if I don’t want to face the challenges of expert mode I don’t use expert worlds, but maybe someone wants all the aspects of expert apart from that one particular condition.

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This argument is related to the case of “should duplicated items be allowed in servers?” It depends on the server itself. The server won’t be stopped for using duplicated items, nor you won’t be stopped for using the pausing method in expert mode.