How to find cave trolls

Please help I’ve been trying to find one but I can’t . I checked unexplored ones too.

I think they’re really hard to find, and once you do find one, it’s really hard to kill it…that’s what I heard

Close to lava is the key

I went near the lava and couldn’t find any

Look harder.

I found one… its hard to kill!

How many hits with an iron sword to kill? Or a bow…

I think that bows were terrible for one hit kill things, but good for being a ranged weapon, as it is.

Bows are NOT a very powerful weapon, especially since they only get assumeably. 50 hits per bow. Use an iron or bronze sword.
It takes at least 1 minute even with iron armor and an iron sword, for me at least. They are strong.

Anyway, to the OP, halfway between Sealevel and Lava and below that point, in unexplored caves, you will rarely find them.

As far as i can tell the troll spawns only near lava. Which makes sense seeing as how they drop ice armour. Heres something key though. Idk if this helps or if it will work ive set up 8 different spots like this. As far as i know they only spawn near golden chests. Which if this is correct would mean that golden chests and the right spawn level you may be able to farm them. Simply kill them and leave the chest there. Remove the torches or lanterns you placed and wait maybe 2-3 days in game? Then simply go back and chec again. I recommend moving maybe 200-300 blocks away? If this works feel free to reply here ^.^ i’ll monitor this thread (: have fun with the trolls :joy:

Hmmm cave trolls ill check that out how many hits with a stone equivalent to a sword

Also, about 15 blocks above the lava is good.

Found one

And note how Mr. ???'s cave troll was not near lava (as in 15 or less blocks above it). Dave even said that it’s halfway and below.

Not only near lava. Only halfway between sea-level and lava and below that.
No, you cannot farm Cave Trolls. They do not spawn in explored areas (if they did, people’s houses would become infested with them, as would plenty of caves).

I too another pic to help(troll is where the blue light is)

Has anyone tried farming cave trolls yet?
I’m sure that someone will soon…

What do you mean “farming”? I thought they only spawned where it is not explored.

They’re… Smaller then I thought.

Exactly why farming doesn’t work.

Surprisingly works…
I tried when u posted this and when I came back today there it was…