How to find floating islands without a jetpack


If you dont have a jetpack then dont worry, you can still find sky islands, its just going ti take a but longer then if you had a jetpack.

[li]100+ ladders[/li][li]50-100+ blocks (dirt,sand, anyhing you can dig up fast)[/li][li]50+ torches[/li][li]A fur coat (Its cold up there)[/li][li]Food [/li][li]A basket(s)[/li][li]A spade or some sort of weapon[/li][li]Armour[/li][/ul]

The first step is to find a spot where the sky is unexplored and start placing ladders.To make your ladders last longer get rid of every second ladder.Dont worry you can still climb up it.Do that until the sky gets dark.Some people (like me) Have found an island or two already, but some of us haven’t yet.

The second part into finding islands without a jet pack is too find a spot about half way or three quarters up your ladder and take the blocks you have and start placing then right or left.It may work and it may not it depends in how you do it.I used an island to start it, if you haven’t found an island yet then you may have to go back to the ground and build a block tower to start.and like we did with the ladders, to make your amount of blocks last longer then take out every second block.

You may also want to put torches on some of the blocks so you can see better.

Now afer you have your long road of blocks what I like to do it place ladders going down.And like we did before, take out every second ladders so that it lasts longer.

Now the weapon, armour, and food can be worth it any time, mostlh when you find a sandy island.They usually have a catus and a scorpian (If you dont know what a scorpian is, its a green animal that when you get close to it or harm it it will tey to kill you by shooting out poison at you) Using a spade or a weapon instead of your hand makes it take more damage, and kill it quicker.

This is what I have explored in my world in the past two or three days.

Make sure you always have food
Make sure you sleep often
Make sure you place torches- it makes your blockhead move faster

Also there are sometimes special island woth something called a Gem Tree.Dont cut them down though!They will spawn gems!A red tree is a ruby tree, green is emreald, purple is amethyst, blue is saphire. They are really rare and hard to find!

Feel free to post pictures of what you have found on islands, od even post some other ways to find islands without a jetpack!:smiley:


Melanie220, You made a good thread, with nice clear instructions. I’m sure it will be helpful to people. :smiley:

I like using donkeys to explore the sky, as well. You need all the same supplies, as well as carrots for donkeys to spawn and carrot on a stick.

First, you build a stairway to space. You can make the stairs two blocks high, it’s much faster for your donkey to climb. Then ride your donkey to the top. You make him jump by swiping up on the screen. Donkeys can jump two blocks easily, but to Jump three blocks they must be moving forward already, before they jump. That’s why it’s easier to only have a two block staircase.

Now, just below space where you can still breathe, build out in a straight line. Take out a block every where you want to be able to jump down with your donkey. Tip - growing pine trees or other trees for blocks is very fast, since with an axe you get three blocks for each block you chop.

Ride your donkey off the end, or through one of the spaces you have made.

Steer your donkey while falling by tilting. Be very careful not to touch the screen, you will fall off your donkey and die! Sometimes you see islands as you go past them.

You will land safely on the ground.

Zoom out and look at the sky you have just explored. A gem tree!!! Now you can see where to place ladders to reach the islands. Or you can jump off with your donkey again and try to land on them. Either way, finding sky islands is lots of fun.

Btw, I built that wood out and explored new space to take these pictures just now, and that gem tree I found while doing this is my first gem tree for this sp world. Yay!!


Thanks Lizzie for posting anther good way.I never thought of that.Im going to try that when I get a carrot on a stick.


Or, be an admin and see all XD


That would be fun, but I think we were talking about unexplored areas. The one I was doing was on my sp world. But on a server, admins would definitely see more!


I went around the world, went to the highest mountain (which fortunately wasn’t too far from my spawn), made dirt tower then built to left and right (it was very tiring afterwards trying to save blocks by placing then digging every other one). This cleared a small amount of sky for me. Later had a jetpack but sometimes the game crashes (my device is still gingerbread so what can i expect hehe) when i try to clear fog. Lizzie’s idea was excellent, i didn;t know it could be done! Will try it now


I hope it works for you! It would be fun to see a pic of what you discover in your sky. I hope your device cooperates and doesn’t crash your game.


I had no idea that there were floating islands. I found this post yesterday and was so excited! I couldn’t wait to see if I could find an island. I spawned this world two days ago. So, I don’t have armor or much at all really. But I followed Melanie’s recommendation with the ladders and dirt. Wow, was I surprised with what I found!! :D.
So far I have found five islands, two with gem trees. Can’t wait to explore the rest of the sky!!


That’s great to find two gem trees so close together - and one of them a ruby tree! Awesome! Don’t forget to check them and see if they’re growing gems. They do, but not nearly as often as fruit trees grow fruit. And they never grow back if they are trimmed or cut.


Good job!Its hard to find that many islands that close together.Im so glad that I helped you :)And your so lucky to find two gem trees so close together!Thats lucky.I found two gem trees but really far apart.Remember not to trim or cut the gem tree at all.It doesnt regrow!Thwy also spawn the gem of the tree, but not often.Hope you find more awesome islands!


The donkey method really works :smiley: i was long ago curious how other people’s pictures have a clean-cut explored area of sky (smooth edges where the fog has been cleared) while mine have splotches of black in between and looked messy. Like, i really envied how industrious they were going up and down, left and right to clear the sky, and so now I know!

Btw melanie, you have posted a nice guide too, even if someone may have posted something like that a long time ago. Your illustrations are well-made and comprehensive :slight_smile: I rarely have the time and patience to do something like that. Good job!


I meant to go back and get a donkey to try this method of exploring the sky. But I got sidetracked with my ladders and dirt. So far I’ve found fifteen islands, five with gem trees! The thing that really surprises me is these are all over one section of my world.

I’m going back to the ground now to find the donkeys and some more carrots.


Good job on your finds.What type of gem trees?In the picture it looks like 2 amethysts,2 rubys, and one sappire.Also 15 islands?Wow!Thats a lot!So glad my method worked for you!


Melanie, you’re right on the gem trees. I found the sapphire tree first. It’s had gems on it twice in 24 hours.


I’ve never explored the sky before! I’ve lived according to the groundhog rule (I made it up just now) “Stay on the ground and in the ground, there’s nothing in the sky but air and space.” I guess I was wrong! When I the “floating islands” thing I thought they were [U]super[/U] rare and said, "Let the admins go after them, I’m staying on my SP worlds. But I want to be an active Blockheads member, so here I am.

Remember, the build limit’s the limit!


That’s actually a good method. Might try that. But since I already have the starting tiers of the unicorn, I might use those instead of a donkey.
They will float down more gently and give time to clear darkness from above and below the islands. Make more platforms and float down from there. I also learn to bring a boat because I have oceans nearby. Also if you have a lot of time crystals and movable portals you can use them to teleport to those different points if you go too far. Currently working on getting rainbow unicorn. From single player, is it some how possible to sell unicorns online? I have spares.


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