How to find your Support ID


Comes up so often…

Important: Do not share this with ANYONE besides support (support[at] and contact with @milla here on the forum). If someone asks for it in game they are trying to steal your account or get access to your owner portal.

Step 1. Go to the pause menu inside a world.

Step 2: Click Help / Credits

Step 3: Scroll down to the Support section, it’s roughly 75% of the way down the page, just before the credits section. My support ID has been covered in red.

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Can you save my server?
Fatal glitch
Unable to use the same nickname/username after reinstalling
Having trouble with a username
Not able to join with own accounts
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Your support ID is like your password to your blockheads account - if you give it to someone you essentially give them access to use your name on any server and access your owner portal.


Thanks Bibliophile.

Now I know more to why it’s dangerous sharing SUPPORT ID’s to people you don’t know.