How to Fix Double Posts (with images)


This is a thread that goes over what a double post is and how to fix it. Images are provided alongside commentary to make the instructions more clear.

This is an example of a double post.

Notice how the time signature to the right shows that they were both made within an hour. This qualifies as a double post.

Now, you want to fix this. Below is a step by step guide to how to merge your double post together.

First, click the edit button for one of the posts.

This will bring you to the edit post page. Select your text, and copy it to the clipboard.

Once you have copied it, click cancel. Then, click the more options button.

Then, click delete post.

Your post is now deleted.

Click on edit for your first post.

Then paste your second post’s content in.

And you’re done! Your second post will go away in 36 hours.

If you’d like to respond to more than one user at a time, please @Username them in one post, where Username is the user you want to respond to. They’ll be notified when you @ them, and this keeps you from multiple posting whenever you want to respond to many!

I hope this is helpful to users who are learning how to merge double posts together. I also appreciate comments and constructive criticism to make this guide better.

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Nice guide! It can help new users to how to do this.


Yup! That’s the point. Also, most users describe it with words, and that does get confusing. Images make more sense.


Excellent post @Lavender_Sonata. @milla I think this is sticky worthy work! I think every new forum user would benefit from reading this post.


Thanks! I appreciate the thought.

@TheFoil That’s high compliment from you. :wink: I’m just kidding, thanks!


bookmarks post

Perfect! I will use this in the future :slight_smile:


Yes! Maybe no need to mention how to copy-paste because it’s different on every device, and I’m pretty sure most people know how, though.


@TheBest1Ever Glad to hear it’s helpful!
@Alexandra_Inglorien That sounds like a good idea. Removing.

[Suggestion] On Correcting

The images are broken…


Diggity darn. I’ll go fix them later today. Thanks for letting me know!


It should be fixed. Sorry for the delay!

Let me know if they ever become broken again. Thanks!


Suggestion: Use the forum for hosting images instead of some other site. If you use the forum it is guaranteed that they won’t ever break.


Thanks. All images have been uploaded to the forums now. When I was first making this, I had the images saved to my computer but I forgot that the forums could directly upload images from there. I uploaded them to imgur and deleted them from my computer before I realized that.

An added bonus of directly uploading them to the forums is that they are better quality. Nice.


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Lavender renamed their username to Cate.


I am a hacker! I have hacked her account. If you wish to see her again, bring me 1,000 dirt blocks on the dawn of the third day.

What @WumboJumbo said, Foil.



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Well played, Cate Lavender.
(Gratuitous evil cackling appears from thin air)


Care you explain yourself?


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