How to fix this

How can I fix dis I can’t upload a photo,of it because of my WiFi but I can give yaw the world name so yaw can go check it out

The world is called merica I own it it just isn’t in my name cause I have a new Apple I’d and I have the owner portal to it the spawn portal is got a elvator behind it and a door


Is anybody else able to go to the server and share a screenshot of the issue?

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I’ll try

Have you tried repair mode?

Type /repair, tap on the glitched space to select it, and a second time to confirm, and the game should revert the block to a known good state. Use /repair again to exit repair mode.

not sure how you managed to do that, but i think you’re basically doomed on that in terms of /repair

It’s a world from 2017

Try typing /repair in the chat then double tap the elevator. You will lose the elevator, but the problem will be solved.

Thank u It’s fixed :smiley:

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