How to get 10,000 TC - an illustrated guide

I usually do set up a Single Player world for the sole purpose of gathering lots of TIme Chrystals (TC). After having done it with three or four worlds now, I’d like to share my experience. You will easily be able to get 1000s of TCs.

Warning: I do use jetpacks, lanterns and titanium picks warped in from my main world to speed up the process. If you can’t rely on such resources it will take you much longer to raid the whole world.

Start a new single player world and get a Portal Chest asap.

Circumnavigate the world. This will later help you when you are down underground, as you can see in zoomed out view how deep down you are and wether you are underneath an ocean.

By this time you will have warped in useful stuff like lanterns, pickaxes, pole items from one of your other worlds. Start mining straight down until you find a cave.

Follow that cave. I use a mix of steel lanterns and oil lanterns, depending on what my main world is able to deliver. I make a habit of placing the lanterns as far as possible ahead of me into the semi darkness. Usually thats like 14 or 15 blocks ahead. Whoever is more anxious might want to place lanterns at 8 blocks intervals, as you are less likely to run into a cave troll or a body of water.

TCs are to be found in caves. In two years of playing the BHs I have only ever found 1 TC block completely enclosed by stone.

Mine every TC block you find using a diamond pick. As most of you will know this adds 18 TC to your overall TC count as opposed to only 3 TC when using a normal pickaxe.

Most caves will lead into a large system of caves. Follow every single “side street” until you have lit the whole cave system and mined all TCs in it. Sometimes a cave will fade out into a series of unconnected small cavities.

Don’t let this put you off. Grab your pickaxe and mine your way along them. Often this will lead you to another open cave and some TC blocks.

When you get to a “dead end” and you can’t see another cave within the range of the light, place 3 lanterns side by side to broaden the range.

When you get to a junction, choose one way. But go a little bit into the other way too and place a lantern. This will later enable you to easily spot any still-to-explore “side streets” in zoomed out view.

When you’ve only got dead ends and can’t spot any more cavities to explore, its time to dig a shaft to find a fresh cave system. As you can see on the picture I prefer digging vertical whenever possible as this is really fast with a jetpack and titanium pickaxe.

Digging horizontal is awful slow in comparison.

While mining your way through the world, you will encounter two major hazards: cave trolls and water. How to deal with trolls has been discussed in length on this forums. But what about the water? You might accidentily dig into an ocean or an underground river. The water will wash away oil lanterns and threaten to drown your BH in the dark. Not a situation you like to be in! So what to do to avoid it? Use steel lanterns. They are waterproof. And whenever the zoomed out view gives you reason to suspect you might be near to water, build a water barrier like this.

It will hinder the water from flooding large parts of your cave system. Dont be afraid to explore underground rivers, you will often find TCs and gems under water.

So you are asking how many TCs you can expect on any Single Player world? On one of my worlds I actually took notes of every TC I got and every troll I found. The total net score was 10,622 TCs and 22 trolls, 11 of them equipped with a trade portal.

So taking into account the -520 TC I started with (needed to upgrade the portal and make a portal chest) I actually got 11,142 TC out of that particular world. That equals 619 TC blocks found. Of course the result depends on how tight you draw the “grid” of your shafts and explored caves. The picture shows how I typically do it. There might be a few more caves hidden in the black patches, but I don’t feel its worth the time to find them.


Great guide, I really like that you explain the reasons for what you do. And I love the statistics on the sp world - I know numbers would vary, but it really helps to have some kind of general idea.

Thats a nice guide. 1+rep

This is a great guide, and the same way I have been getting tcs for a while now. I just wondered how long it takes you to get through a world cave mining? It takes me forever. The only difference in the way we go things is I will mine platinum and titanium and warp them out of the world (It doesn’t look like you do from the pictures).

impossible to say how much time I spend on it. I think the last world took me like 4 weeks, but during that time I have been playing on other servers, too. I was eager to find out how many TC I would get, so I sped up a bit. Usually it takes me some months as I will typically only continue to play when my TC count is low and I need TC to feed a cloud world.

While raiding the world for TCs, I will also take gems (as they don’t cost time) and titanium (as its always in short supply on my warehouse world) and warp them out.
When I am done with the world it becomes my “item world”: I will return to the most promising spots and mine for ores, black sand and valuable building materials.

Nice work Ronnie!! I have a habit of raiding tc on other people’s servers [emoji16]. Skeeve will be proud of your number crunching. Again well done, it’s nice to see all your hard work in one long post [emoji12]

I really should try this. Most of the time, I get really frustrated when I can’t find TC blocks, and delete the world. Thanks for sharing this! After finishing up Homeworld, I’ll start making SP worlds. :slight_smile:
Homeworld is going to be my new single player base.

Fantastic Guide Ronnie, and and inspiration to my number crunching proclivities!

In all my time of playing Blockheads (since 1.0), I have never completely explored the cave system of an SP world.
I had almost done it when version 1.3 came out which began Multiplayer and then I went to Blockserver worlds.
Even if I had done it, I hadn’t started counting TC’s and of course Trolls weren’t available yet.

Great Job and well deserved 5 rep points.

Amazing guide! :smiley: The amount of effort put into this is amazing.

Thank you for the link to this great post. My sp worlds are going to change! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve just been mining for yesterday and got about 400 tc for about 1-2 hrs of mining… Using a diamond pick

Great guide, Ronnie!
Unfortunately, I’m a bit too lazy to go mining for TC. I’ve been at my main sp world for a few months now, I’ve only got emerald portal and haven’t even thought about jetpacks yet. And I love it just the way it is xD

Nice guide!!! I also am making a random tc guide soon, I call them “Spawn Tc”

Great job but I use normal textures so what does a non HD TC block look like?

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Since that is not related to this topic, you should post a new topic under Pictures, I would think :smiley: