How to get/buy TC on android now that its off the google store?

self explanatory tittle, hope you guys can help

You’ll have to mine it on survival worlds, or maybe contact milla with a support request? I’m not sure if that is a valid support request.

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is mining it the only way to get tc without buying it nowadays?

Ads exist, but are probably broken on Android. I am fairly sure discussion of cheating is not allowed on this forum (can’t find the rules page, can someone point it out to me?), so I will not be recommending file explorer tricks.

…file explorer tricks?

I can’t tell you about them, sorry. They are a cheat and I can’t encourage that on the forum and wouldn’t elsewhere.


The ad APIs probably rely on the product being live on Google Play. There really is no happy answer to this, because the game is no longer supported on Android at all, so neither Noodlecake Studios, nor Jungle (us) is putting time into it. All my time is dedicated to Apple players, aside from answering Android stuff I can here in the forums. Mining them is the solution. My suggestion is to make a single-player world at regular intervals, and just explore all caverns. I’m pretty sure TC blocks don’t occur in solid rock, so just follow caverns to locate them, and when they get too few and far between make another world.


Try my server Skynet I’m coming to spawn soon and I might be able to bring a gem pickaxe for you


To mine time crystals?

Courtesy dictates that you don’t just reply to someone with “what?” when they are trying to help you. A thank you would be nice, and if you don’t understand that they’re trying to help you could ask if they can explain a bit more what they mean.

yeah my bad, im just a bit confused on what they mean :sweat_smile:

oh i didnt even see this reply, my problem with making new worlds is how long it takes for me to get a good pickaxe and stuff, guess its gonna be a long grind

I just found this anyways I agree mine tc

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Interesting. How far from a cavern was that?

Wasn’t very far shortly after that I found another like it they were both close to lava

Thanks :upside_down_face: