How To Get Iron

There are many ways to get lots of iron ingots. The following are for ways without using gem pickaxes.

For the Ore:
Way #1: find iron ore blocks, and use a magnet on it. You’ll get 5 iron ore instead of 3! And the stone is still there! Yay!
Way #2: Mine iron ore with a gold pickaxe. You have a chance of getting 10 extra iron ore! Yay!
Way #3: Mine the iron ore most of the way with a gold pickaxe, then use the magnet at the end. 5 iron ore guaranteed, and a possibility of 10 more!
Way #4: Mine black sand with a Gold Spade (you could also get black glass and magnets!)
That’s all I can think of for now… Post if you can think of more!

The following are ways to acquire iron ingots
For the Ingots:
Way #1: Mine stone or an ore (or coal) with a gold pickaxe, you may get an iron ingot or two!
Way #2: Craft your iron ore into iron ingots at the furnace or electric furnace!
Way #3: Craft your iron ore into pig iron at an electric furnace, and then craft the pig iron into an iron ingot! It’s cheaper, but slower. However, it is highly recommended.
That’s all I can think of for now… Post if you can think of more!

Do you also know any good ways to get steel and bronze ingots? (i only have stone tools)

Great job! But how do you “use” a magnet?

Click the ore with the magnet.

Oh, okay. Thanks!

Or black sand. It works on black sand like a tin spade on dirt!

I’ve heard you can get pig iron? What is it?

It’s made of 1 iron ore, and crushed limestone. After crafting pig iron, you can covert it into normal iron. Basically, it just saves iron ore.

Thank you I could of done with that

Do magnets degrade like pickaxes?


I just found out that you can make iron ore with 2 black sand, and I have lots of black sand!!!

Good for you…

can you plant cacti in black sand?

I think so at least…

that’s what a magnet does

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I like to mine basalt with a gold shovel