How to get Lots of Time Crystals!

Mining for Time Crystals is lots of fun! And extremely useful, lol. :smiley: The caves have lots of tc, just waiting for you to find them. It’s very important that you only mine the Time Crystals with your diamond pick axe. Instead of 3 tc, a diamond pick axe will give you 18 tc for each Time Crystal block you find. Quite a difference!

Every world is full of caves, far more than you would imagine. All you have to do is find the caves, and you can find the tc. A very effective way to find caves is shown in the following photos.

[U]Supplies you will need:[/U]
Pick axes
Diamond pick axe[/B] - for mining the tc, and the great ores you will find down there, like platinum and gold and titanium.
Chests - when your pockets get full, if you leave blocks spinning it will cause bad lag. So put down a chest, empty your pockets, and continue on your way. You will come across golden chests as you mine - you might want to take them with you and use them to store the things you want keep. That way you won’t get mixed up and leave gold and titanium and diamonds behind with the stone.
Boots - so you can climb and walk faster

A portal chest is very handy, so that your other blockheads can craft supplies and send them down to your miner as they are needed. And so that you can send back up the great ores you will find, and the marble and gems . . . So many treasures to find!

But if you don’t have one, just take along some compost and a campfire and a tool bench. That way you can grow food and harvest sticks and make the torches and pick axes as you need them. It can take an awful long time if you have to go all the way back to your home base to get more stuff, since mining for tc takes you further and further away from home. And pack all the things you want to keep in chests (golden chests if you have them) and carry them with you.

(1) First, using lights as you go, and leaving them there, mine straight down to the lava. All the way. Eat food to heal and climb back up to where your blockhead is safe.

(2) Now, mine in a straight line across, where you can still see the lava, but are not being harmed.

(3) Then, every 125 blocks (approximately) mine straight down to the lava again. Be careful to eat food to heal, and climb back up to safety right away. Then dig straight up, all the way to the sky.

Because you are digging straight up from the lava, when your pockets are full, the blocks will fall down and burn up on the lava instead of spinning and causing lag. But make sure you have room in your pockets for anything you want to keep, since you will find lots of ores, gems, and marble. Just dump the stone out of your pockets and let it fall to the lava below so you have room for the good stuff. :smiley:

Remember to keep an eye on the needs of your blockhead. You don’t want to get exhausted and fall on the lava yourself! Eat food when you need it, and dig a safe place to sleep on the side of the shaft when you get tired.

(4) Now you can see that there are lots of caves to explore. It’s time to go and find all those tc’s, and all kinds of good stuff! Have fun!

This picture shows how full the worlds are of caves. :smiley:

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I can’t wait till my single player actually loads so I can mine for tc!

Almost forgot how much tc it got me.

Yes, I love single player worlds for mining! :smiley:

Yup! I usually only do mining in single player worlds, as I know no one else has taken all the ores.

I am about to say goodbye to one single player world and open up another… :smiley:

That will be so much fun - a whole new world to explore and mine! :smiley: I love starting new worlds almost as much as I love mining and cave trolls. :smiley:

I have started many new SP worlds for mining, testing and TCs, currently have about 30,000 at the moment. The one thing I do is budget my TCs.

When I start a new world I am aiming for a portal chest to connect it to my other worlds. Even though I may gather all the gems and stuff I need for the chest I will not upgrade the portal until I have found a minimum of 32 TCs. Also I never mine those TCs until I get my portal chest. When I get the chest I bring send in a diamond pick. This makes sure I don;t drag my TC down to far and after a fair bit of exploring I am ahead of the game. I also set a budget of say 100 TCs for things like speeding up crafting when I have to.

Really lucked out last night. Start my first cloud server and after about 5 hours of playing I had enough TCs and gems for a portal chest. Never had that luck playing SP.

Awesome! If your world is public, I will be interested in checking it out once you open it up. :smiley:
And wow, 30,000 tc! You’re obviously a lot more dedicated to saving them than I am. I always end up spending mine, because I LOVE finding trade portals and upgrading them. But I always aim for a portal chest too, and wait until I can bring in a diamond pick axe before I collect any tc blocks I’ve found.

At any rate, you with your 30,000 and me with my few tc - it’s easy to see who is better at saving them! Congratulations!

At the moment it is private. I may open it up to a couple of peaple at some point. So we shall see.

Thank you.

I love this way!

Guess what, I got like 600 time crystals…