How to get your support ID on Android devices

Because of the welcome message bug, it’s no longer possible to directly access your support ID through the game on newer versions of Android. Hence, we must indirectly acquire it.

This tutorial requires you to have root access on your phone.


  1. Download a file explorer and a text editor.
  2. Open the file explorer, and navigate to your root storage: /.
  3. Grant root access to the file explorer.
  4. Navigate to /data/data/com.noodlecake.blockheads/files/Library/Preferences.
  5. There should be a file named com.noodlecake.blockheads.plist.
  6. Open the file, scroll down to the line below the line where it says <key>userSupportID</key>.
  7. The value in between <string> and </string> is your support ID.

Alternatively you can do this using a terminal app and the cat command line utility once you have granted root access to the terminal app.

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Why would you need to access your ID when the Android version of the game is no longer supported?

For migrating your username to a different device?

Noodlecake doesn’t migrate/merge support IDs, milla does.

Milla can merge two support IDs from different OSes.

I’d assume it’s still possible, since Milla has direct access to the cloud. It’s not like iOS and Android accounts on the cloud are totally separated.

I don’t see why she wouldn’t do it, especially since the process is no different from an iOS to iOS transfer.

I’m pretty sure migrating support IDs don’t fall under the Android support queries.

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rip android blockheads

If migrating support IDs do fall under Android support queries, I suppose.

Support IDs are hosted on our cloud platform. I don’t ask customers which platform they’re using unless it’s relevant to their query.


That’s exactly what I thought. Thanks for clearing it up!