How to grow a hot garden in cold temperatures?

I have two prickly pears, a coffee cherry, a chilli and some corn and I really want a garden, but I’m worried about losing them, because they’re pretty rare and stuff… What should I do?

Do you have any kelp to make compost ? People have been experimenting with fires to increase temperatures…I have not really followed these threads but be careful about burning your plants, a row of stone blocks between fires and compost/dirt prevents this from happening, start with seeds you have most of not the rarest ones.

I’m practically like right next to the South Pole, and I don’t use any campfires. It was too risky at the time.

But you need heat for your blockheads health…have you built a shelter/house from timber? Is this why it is too risky…?

By close I mean like 200 blocks away. I have fur stuff and a wooden house, Just the reason was because I didn’t want to burn my only coffee cherry. I made the coffee farm far away from the house.

I have very little experience of survival at the poles other than what I have read others post on here. I have wondered is it best to try to travel as far away as you can towards the equator so you can gather food and materials and then return to your portal when you have lots of supplies.

That may be easier said than done as you will need a boat to cross oceans most likely…are you in the very early stages of the game?

Edit: I see you have lots of food and you are mining so not a problem then…build a greenhouse separate from your house and heat it…:slight_smile:

I have a diamond portal, a mini mansion, I dug down to lava level, built up to space, warped in another blockhead, and I have traveled around the world. I now have all the plants, including trees.

Do greenhouses actually heat stuff better? For me it didn’t. It might of been a glitch, but I made a greenhouse, heated it, put dirt in (I’m not near any oceans and I don’t want to go exploring at this moment in the game for kelp) and it started snowing in the night as usual, but the snow came in the greenhouse and started piling up even though there was a roof? I just got rid of it quickly, though a coffee cherry died:p Luckily I got another while meditating. Now I’ve got campfires with glass and then dirt above on top of my house (which is made of limestone) which works pretty well. By the way, my worlds pretty new because I had to restore my iPod ( ;__; ) but I expanded pretty quick and I have two blockheads. And I found a big lump of lapis lazuli (I think that’s how you spell it) so part of my House is made of that, and a most of my benches are level twos so far.

By the way cockroachcomics how is it risky? Wouldn’t it be risky to not have a campfire near the poles?

The cold does make campfires burn out in real life, so it might happen in the game. I’m not so sure as I’ve never tested all this.

I didn’t want my tree to burn down.

In that case just test it with tree you have lots of and see does it burn.

I made a small greenhouse out of ice at the north pole, VERY small one tree and some flax three fireplaces underneath with two blocks of compost between them and the plants, and oil lanterns for light. HINT:test with your blockhead, whatever your blockhead can stand in naked without getting hurt is probably ok for trees.

I now have a chilli farm and when I go outside I just eat them:D cba to get fur coats, all I got was boots:3