How to hide a base in online mode

here’s a guide I wanted to post here

the guide is how how to make an underground base, hidden from everyone on the server.

as you can see, here I’m underground in a singleplayer world for demonstration purposes
Screenshot 2022-04-11 11.32.41 PM
I dug to the side as far as I could, and made it so the corridor needs to be lit up for you to see.
Try and guess what item I have placed there before you keep scrolling, you won’t be able to.
Screenshot 2022-04-11 11.34.27 PM
here’s the area lit up
Screenshot 2022-04-11 11.34.37 PM
I did not move the camera at all, i simply placed a torch. if you use this concept with trapdoors, I have no doubt your base would be safe from nearly everyone. It would even be safe from admins provided you weren’t inside the base or it was lit up


How far down should you dig?

That’s smart, players can’t navigate through darkness.

i’m not sure how far down you should dig, it really depends on how hidden you would like your base to be

You should just make it inaccesible to everyone except the staff (who I think can open them anyway).

Iron doors/trapdoors, and no portals will prevent anyone from getting inside (as long as there’s no open spaces that can allow one to crawl inside.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

New that from years ago. That’s how I use to hide things from admins and other players. Just turn of the lights underground or deep under water and they can never find you even if they highlight your pfp. Also, if you have a jet pack and want to travel far away without being tracked by admins or other players, by the path that your block leaves open behind him through the fog, Just fly just a little above unbreathable space. When they zoom out to see your tract through the fog they won’t be able to see it, but it will appear vertically or diagonally as you descend back to earth or flying horizontally just below the level of space, and if it’s a 16x world who is gonna spend all of that time trying to scroll through darkness trying to find your reentry point? :wink:… BUT there is another way to travel where you pop up inside of orbs and they NEVER find not even you entry or exit point. They’ll just find an empty round hole in the fog. There is a way how you can “worm hole” around the server through the fog, that I’ve been utilizing for years, that discovered by accident trying to do something with a jet pack, but I’m keeping that one a well guarded secret​:sunglasses::wink:, because players would definitely abuse that tactic to hell

I am sure I did this wormhole thing once but I couldn’t repeat it.

I didn’t know blockheads followed relativity

So I can just teleport to all 4 poles?

I didn’t know either until I discovered the way how to

…and everywhere else in between

How can I do this???

pain and suffering