How To Hide Behind The Trees!

This is so cool and i don’t know why this actually happens but you can play HIDE AND SEEK in Blockheads now.Please have a look on the following video! This is one of my oldest video so please don’t mind em!

This is so cool right?


Pretty interesting.

Side note: Why not make a thread for all your videos instead of individually posting each one in its own thread?


Oh I think I’ve done that before.

Ive seen that before i think hmm.

Edit:I just saw thats lot of tc 151k tc thats really lot you really spend thousands money for that :slight_smile:

There is also a way to fly without a jetpack. Basically the same way but you can take off your jetpack after you do the elevator trick and you won’t fall

There is another glitch that is fun to prank people with and it keeps them stuck in mid air. You do the same thing but take all portals out of the world (except the spawn portal) then have make sure that your high off the ground and build a structure. In the structure place lots of cabinets and be close enough to the spawn portal so u can’t teleport. Then (if your not too close to the ground) fly (using the elevator glitch) and go behind the cabinets and take off your jetpack. If you’re close enough to the spawn portal so u can’t teleport and high enough off the ground then u will be stuck

(Hint. You should try this for fun :slight_smile:

If you do try this then it resets when you exit then re join

I do have a video on how to fly without jetpack but in a different way , anyways thanks for telling me a new way to do it ill definitely try it when i have time :smiley: