How to host a SP world with Game Center

As we all know Apple took Game Center away as an app a few updates back. It can still be used to host SP worlds though & I’m going to show here how!

You and your friend will need an Apple device. Hosting singleplayer worlds is not supported between two Android devices or one iOS and one Android device.

EDIT: Game Center support was removed from The Blockheads in 1.7

Here we go:

This is my singleplayer with custom settings. You need to tap the “options” above the “play” button.

After that you need to tap “host mutliplayer”.

You will have two hosting options. We’ll go with the Game Center one here. Tap “host Game Center…”

Then just “host game”

Something like this should open in a second. Ignore the “Play Now” option and tap “Invite Friends”

iMessage will open. At the top of the screen you can see this. Just tap on it (ignore the +) and start writing the name of your friend.

As soon as it suggests your friend tap on him/her name.

That will send an invitation. At this part you need to wait for your friend to see the invitation and accept it before the game can start.

When your friend accepts the invitation it will say “Accepted” under his/her name.

After a few seconds the world will load and you’re in!

Thanks to @Koppany for letting me use him as an example. Please let me know if some of the information is incorrect.


It is a text message, you would recive it through iMessages.

Brilliant post Uni, well done. Maybe you can do one showing how hosting over LAN works?

@SHAHMMM, we need to find someone with a newer device, someone without game centre to have a look at it and see how it works.

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I believe everybody still has Game Center, it just isn’t an app anymore.

Cool. Now you just need to find some friends to add - be careful!

Because the only way to invite somebody is by using iMessages, which usually involves your email or phone number. If you connect with random people, it won’t show it.

Good idea! Maybe I’ll try to make one tomorrow.

Go to settings and set up game center from game center settings[quote=“SHAHMMM, post:2, topic:52966”]
Also how do you accept the invitation of you don’t have Game Center?!

I mean don’t send friend requests to random people you’ve only just “met”.

Really dad, really,

I cant my dad blocked game center multiplayer


Oh man that stinks :confused:

Your dad seems like a tech-junkie and a good parent. Multiplayer servers are potentially dangerous…

EDIT: That seems like a lot of tc… Did you watch a lot of ads?..


It’s easy to get that many TC if you have unlimited ads. It varies from place to place how many ads you get.

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I find this to be cute.

Well im abke to play servers just not abke to host multiplayer i can still do everything else normally

When the world loads up, the game crashes. I did press the plus button, though. Help please?

Mine doesn’t say host game center. Just host local network. I am signed into game center and I have friends I can play with. Any tips?

The ability to host a Game Center world was removed in 1.7.

Oh that stinks :frowning:

Answer was in the original thread lol