How to increase your server popularity? What do you consider a 'good server'?


Having a popular server makes it that much more enjoyable. I want to find out what you consider a ‘good server’ and the key things that make you want to return to a server e.g. manner, actions, visual representation ect. Let me know your thoughts, I’d love to hear :slight_smile:


I’ve always loved when servers are clean and the staff is active and kind (like whenever you join there’s always a staff memeber on).


Visual representation!


I would echo what @80batgirl said.

Active staff, and/or a way to reach staff outside of the game is a good thing to have. The surest way to increase server popularity is to be online as much as possible. Just one person hanging out, will attract another person, and so on. This bumps up the priority in the Random Join feature so that players will be directed to your server if they are just doing a Random Join, or a broad search like servers that have an “E”. But once you have them there, you need something to keep them. Resources should be readily available, as well as places to build, and other things of interest.

I also like to see a Welcome page that shows that the owner put some effort into it, and rules that make sense and seem fair.


Have a clear goal and vision. A server with a vague “build anything here” will eventually be just a cluttered mess. Definitely decide on a theme and make it apparent at spawn so new players dont need to view the welcome message to understand what your server is all about. Of course goals dont need to be building stuff just to look pretty, it could also be one of those maze like servers or minigame servers.


I love to see a server with a decent welcome message, doesn’t have to be fancy, just has to have something other than “don’t grief don’t this don’t that”. It should also show effort has been put into it, for example, spawn can’t be made out of dirt and stone. However, the thing I look for above all these is the first impression of the staff. If they are friendly and welcoming, I’ll stick with a server even if it looks and is a mess. The first impression of a server is the most important thing, since it leads players to either quit or to continue playing and put effort into your server.


You want to have a good impression for new comers. A good way to set a good impression is the spawn area, and maybe the welcome message too.

A good server doesn’t need to be- let’s say, famous. A good server only needs to satisfy people who play.


Being a less abusive owner (being abusive means that you ban for nothing, kill for nothing etc), making better rules, selecting an underused name like how did I select “AgedSurvival” for my first forum announced server (if you search “second time” in the server selection you’ll see a lot of servers named so), building a decent spawn (not my ugly platinum cube) and making a great Welcome Message with HTML Markup and details.


active staff, fun events and etc that keep ppl coming back.


I’m only an admin and the owner is not on a lot, so I try to log on often, help players, clean server and even decorate the server.

Plant plenty of different plants. Have an are where you might have shops and chests full of free stuff for new players. I usually just fill chests with extra food, seeds, flax, flint and sticks. And it helps to have spawn have all upgraded benches and a bed or two.


If you wanna have a popular server this is what you do:

  • give starters to all new players
  • have a nice wm, with short yet direct rules, featuring rules, admin/mod rules, and how to earn mod/admin
  • have areas for newbies to build
  • have a nice spawn
  • have welcoming and nice staff
  • the owner should know all the admins and mods.
  • staff members must stay on if there are more than 4 people on, unless they must leave urgently
  • all staff should have starters on them.


Also don’t make the vm over decorated so older devices can actually get past the vm.


The server theme (if it even has a theme), the ratio of focus on the dif aspects of gameplay (building, economy, survival, minigame, ect) and such things are a matter of personal preference. But whatever style your server may be, it needs to be able to provide newbies with what ever is needed to advance if you want them to stay.

make a tree farm at spawn for fur, sticks, and wood and such as well as a farm for food, it doesn’t have to be big, just enough to get people started.

Make dirt readily available near spawn somehow so that people who venture far dont need to pay time crystals to get a workbench.

Some workbenches at spawn are also a must.

Golden beds should be available at spawn, if you dont want that then copious amount of coffee cherry trees at spawn and soft beds will also do.

It is INCREDIBLY important that newcomers dont have to walk far to get to a unprotected safe area. so I beleive that every server should have a subway of some kind. It should extend atleast 15 tc past the first zone of unprotection to help prevent a “newb ghetto” (a maze of largely unfarmable dirt homes and holes that often form on the edge of spawn) from forming. (Note, make any caves that a subway goes through accessable 'cus yall know what a pain it is to be mineing along only to be stopped by one of those subs? It’s aggravating meep.

Other then the spawn stuff, a nice, well thought out rule list on the welcome message, neat, detailed looking buildings, trustable kind staf,. and just a general consideration of the gaming experience of the regular player are all things that can make your server an enjoyable popular place :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t so much says these are necessary, so you wouldn’t really need to have starters… a lot of popular servers aren’t good


Personally, I think that a good server has Unicorns. I love them. But this usually means that the staff is kind, Caring, and Determined.

A good server that cares for its players also would give out golden portals and ownership signs. Starters are also very helpful in Survival rules.

Another option is to make sure the people you admin are trustworthy. Make sure they do not bully. Admins also tend to go through people’s stuff, Which is a HUGE problem.

Another thing That is only MY preference of a world is that it is custom rules. This is because I love building.


Have a trade portal available at spawn so new players can use it to do trade portal jobs to get dirt to warp in their workbench and so they can craft and sell items to earn coins.

Have some unprotected area near spawn with back wall so new players can temporarily place a few items.

Have a garden near spawn to provide new players with materials and food and anything they may need to warp in more Blockheads.

Have at least one of each workbench available at spawn that players can use to craft items which they can use or sell for coins.

If you provide these things, then there should be no need to develop a starter kit. If your admins are free from passing out starter kits, they can focus on primary admin duties.

The less extemporaneous work they have to do, the better they will be able to focus on watching for anyone needing to be banned. This will be important when there are several players on the server to help keep them from getting overwhelmed.

Another good idea is to have temporary starter rooms available near spawn. You can pre-place and size the owner signs, then admins would simply need to change the owner sign name.

It’s a good idea to have some owner signs made, but there’s no need to give them out to regular players. Only admins can make, place, and change them.

Have some reasonably priced shops near spawn that will provide new players with difficult to find items they will need to make their own trade portals and workbenches. Examples include: each type of gem (for trade portal creation), flint, stone, copper or, tin ore, iron ore, gold ore, etc.

If you’ve created a large world, try to post portals at regular intervals and at poles and equators.

Create a rail system for player travel.

Play regularly.


Just about all the suggestions above are by players who clearly play BHs only using trade portals or who like being given things. I have a different opinion.

  • I think popular servers have a clear and unique theme. They can vary… not all have to be easy and give everything for free… but if it’s a challenging one or an expert one, you should make it clear from the beginning. People like variety. And it’s always fun to play different kinds of servers, as long as they are set up well.
  • I think popular servers have an environment that is not only friendly but also fair and safe. No one like servers that only advantage the owner’s friends.
  • I think popular servers are ones where staff are on quite a bit, as Jemni says.
  • I think popular servers have staff who are vetted, experienced and not just given the position after playing on the server for 5 minutes. No one wants to play on a server where staff can’t be trusted.
  • I think popular servers have very clear rules. No one likes servers where players break the rules without consequences.



Ill agree


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