How to make a big painting


Heya guys I know how to make big paintings such as 3X3 but often my image on closer inspection does not quite line up…at all?

I am wondering how do you do it? What works for you, any particular apps or programs?


Tile pic is a good one, recommended to me by someone. i think masterbuilder?

It makes making huge paintings very easy like for example a 9 block by 9 block painting consisting of at least 9 paintings a whole lot easier.


I couldn’t find it on the App Store.


Think this should help:


Thats awesome @Legoboy70 I will defo give it a whirl and let you know :smiley:


TilePic is what I use :+1:


Same here. It works great. You may think “hey this only does 3x3 grid! That’s not big enough for my needs”

Well, you can turn around and run each tile through Tile Pic again and turn a 3x3 into a 9x9, or do a 2x2 first pass to make a 4x4.

The tricky thing is still the color selection. You have to pick the colors that work best overall and stick with those same colors in each tile or else the tiles will stand out as being different. Sometimes that comes down to image choice and using something that only has variations of 2 colors. In other words, rainbows are reproduced very poorly (as I discovered).


Does this mean you could make a collection of paintings that look like this?:
Would certainly make for some nifty decor… :thinking:


I’ve used tile pic as well.

Please let us know how it goes. And post pics!


Tile Pic is also the one that I use. Just make sure that you paint and place at the site. Do not try to paint them all at once then transport or store. Paint a panel, place it, then paint the next one.