How to make a button that brings you onto another page for welcome message

I need the code because the internet is 0% helpful


I googled “hyperlink button in html”

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Sorry doesn’t work i don’t need it to bring me to a website

What’s the URL of the website?

I need it for the welcome message not a website

I’m lost on all of this

<button onclick="document.location.href = ''">forum</button>

Not sure if that’s what you want but it should make the WM go to a website without opening a popup and exiting the server.

There’s also the tab-style div things that has been discussed here before, not sure where though.

Do you mean you want to embed an external source into your WM, like an iframe?

Yeah I guess so the welcome message won’t go all the way down and can be cut into chunks

Then try using iframe.

To be honest I don’t want people to be able to do that, so it may not work if I asked Dave to block it.

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This is cool too

Ok I found an example for the server 2B4K

Also want calendar so cool

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