How to make a dodo farm

Does anyone know how to make a dodo farm?

I’m planning to make a awesome dodo farm

Normally the first step you would take is search in the forums for dodo farms.

But @Lizzie1 and @agentpinkdog are great at dodos :slight_smile:

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I would start by taming regular dodos and planting a LOT of apple trees it gets rough if you run out of apples dodos eat like crazy then once you get more types tame them and seperate them into groups regular, stone, wood, and dirt would be together I have noticed that wild dodos breed faster then seperated dodos so tame them then sperate them how you want (I hope that helps)

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I would take some inspiration from @Lizzie1 if I were you.

It would be helpful if someone could list all dodo types



There’s multiple threads about dodos with answers you want

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