How to make a good single player world


How do I make a good single player world?


There isn’t really any way to not make a good single player world.


You could breed unicorns, dodos or tulips :slight_smile: If you have a portal chest you can transport them to other worlds and sell them there to other players!
I‘m mostly using my Single Player worlds to gather resources for Multiplayer worlds :wink:


I generally use sp worlds as storage worlds, I guess I rely too heavily on multiplayer


Gather. Build. Explore. Sell & buy. Become rich.


How so? I imagine people easily could if they didn’t know what they were doing.


It’s their world after all.


I guess decide what you want to do or use it for. As mentioned, many people (myself included) us an SP world for storage. That’s always good because many servers come and go. I’ve had my single player world since version 1.0 of the game.

Some people make an Expert mode single player for the private challenge where you don’t have to compete with other players.

Single player is also a good place to do breeding because you can speed time between generations and feedings.

So a single player world should probably have access to everything you need for whatever you do. A complete workshop, level 6 trade portal, and an organized farm/breeding area or storage area. I know there have been other threads about ideal breeding or storage setups.


I just use my single player world for buying stuff to use in Public Servers as well as printing paintings. Literally just buy everything except for paint buckets and canvases. 1 Blockhead for handling the items to be put in the portal chest as well as spending the money, the other 4 Blockheads just go make paint buckets and paint pictures.

Server lag is just too vicious for me to do those things in a public server.

Theres the breeding and tulip things. Never actually done any of those lol. I just play the game to Build stuff.


I use my single player as a place to breed titanium dodos to raise economy, breed tulips, and some other animals, because there’s no one else to interrupt the meditation cycle.
The server is a literal storage world.


A good one is literally a server than can keep you entertained and satisfied

Like a rail track I’ve done a couple years ago sadly my iPad kept restoring :frowning:


ipad 2 its just my parents’ friends’ children who use my ipad kept inputing random passwords without asking


Maybe you should get a newer iPad with Touch ID so they’ll stop guessing the password.

At least if you have the money.


ive used all the money on a new laptop smh lol
but my ipad2 works well and doesnt lagg even tho it only has 5gig storage lol


What is your goal for the world?

There are many, many, many things to do in a world. As long as you like it, it is good.

Every world is like a blank canvas, you put what your mind compels you to put. Do you want this world to be all about construction and such? Create a world just like that. It doesn’t matter if it is custom or vanilla, it is really up to you. Don’t let people manipulate your thoughts, you stick with what you love. :slight_smile:


Work hard and be patient. Set your goals and strive for them. No point have a single player world if it is acts as a chore, make it fun and enjoyable.


Oh, I see.


If you are a long time player, you can use the single player world for experimenting building, breeding, and construction.

Firgure our what works and what doesn’t and then you try them out on a server.

Here you can take your time making and breeding then you can go and sell your stuff online.