How to Make a Rainbow Cake Farm

In case you haven’t heard yet, rainbow cakes are a new food item that was added in the update. Rainbow cakes can be used as food for both blockheads and unicorns, and are necessary if you want to keep your sparkly friends up and flying. While they can be bought in trade portals if a player has access to one, it’s always good to save a few coins by crafting your own rainbow cakes if you have an electric stove. In the following guide, I will show you everything you need to get your rainbow cake production moving.

5 Rainbow Cakes
Unicorns love it.
Items needed:

1 Rainbow Essence

20 rainbow essence can be crafted at either an electric press or a regular level 3 press. The crafting recipe requires one of each gem and takes 30 seconds to craft. A unicorn or rainbow dodo may also drop some rainbow essence when it dies.

1 Flour

Also a new item added in 1.7, 10 flour can be crafted from either an electric press or a regular level 2 press. In order to craft flour, a player needs 10 wheat and 1 linen. 10 flour takes 30 seconds to craft as well.

1 Milk

Milk can be obtained by tapping a yak with an empty bucket.

1 Dodo Egg

Only a regular dodo egg can be used.

1 Salt

20 salt can be crafted at an electric stove. The crafting recipe requires 1 iron pot and 1 bucket of water.

20 Seconds

As with most items found at an electric stove, rainbow cakes also take 20 seconds to craft.

Now, most of these items can be obtained without leaving the confines of a small farm setup. Here is an example of a base that I have constructed on a single player world:

This base serves as both a farm for rainbow cake production, as well as a place for my blockheads to live.

Although you can’t see it in this picture, the yaks pictured are all tamed and hang out to the right of my base. There is a feeder chest hidden among them that provides all of the wheat they need. Originally, I had a large amount of wheat planted around the yaks, but my supply has grown so much that it’s no longer necessary. This area can provide the milk and the wheat needed to craft rainbow cakes.

I’m in the process of destructing this base and moving to another location, but this is a snapshot of my dodo farm (it was originally about as high as the base). I had tamed 2 of each breed of dodo and divided them with fences. The signs mark the type of dodo and the apple tree planted in each section provides food if my blockheads are unable to tend to them. The regular dodos are pictured on the far right and frequently lay the eggs required for cakes. The spaces beneath where the dodos are kept were also for donkey and unicorn breeding, but they have been moved to my new base.

As you could see in the first image, I built my base near an ocean so that I could quickly get water for crafting. If you are unable to build nearby a water supply, you could also either buy water buckets from a trade portal or use the water pyramid method.

Here is a closer image of my base. The middle section allows me breed unicorns and plant coffee cherry trees when I need them. The small supply of solar panels on the roof provide energy for electric benches and the electric stove that you can craft rainbow cakes at. You cannot see the basement, but I have my collection of dodos and eggs beneath.

If you have a system of producing rainbow cakes, pizza, or anything else, feel free to share them below


Fantastic write-up, Ing. Very easy to understand with comprehensive info.


Can you make a farm for gems or is that impossible?

Besides the usual ways to obtain gems, you could create a dodo farm with the gem dodos and press the gem shards into full gems.


Well done on the guide @Ingeniare!

You can also use rainbow dodos,or breed unicorns since they drop rainbow essence when they die.

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Could someone tell me in what bench you can make rainbow cake?

Electric stoves!

The electric stove

Edit: @Dodokiin beat me to it XD


Great job! Very helpful on my farm. Took a while for me to realize they didn’t eat carrots so I hit the poor little guys a few times :cry:. After finding that they needed rainbow cake, I still had to find how to make it! And so I found this. So helpful! thanks

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I sell rainbow cakes sometimes, if anyone is interested

@JASPER555 hitting unicorns, that’s harsh dude :joy:

When I made found my first rainbow essence that’s how I found out about cakes and unicorns

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I like your house design. Very nice.

For gems, I seek out gem trees. I make rainbow cakes on my vanilla single player world, and have bhs in other vanilla servers near gem trees.

I port all gems I can into single player using the portal chest.

I also save up any gem I get from meditation.

Thanks for the guide!