How to make Furniture

Does anyone know how to make furniture (like making a table with a column and a train track)


Sort of like this?


A server I played on before joining the forums used pics of furniture idk if that’s what you want or not

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I think what code means is stuff like a table using two columns on the bottom row of a shelf, etc. Furniture-looking-creations made out of real items from the game.


Yup that’s what I mean

But that’s very cool (ツ)

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Here’s an example of some players using blocks, stairs, shelf, columns and train track to create furniture for a cafe:


I love it!!!:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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Here are some examples I have built. First one is a long table. I like to use shelves above columns because then you can put things ON the “table”. Here I supply tea party “tea and crumpets” on Looking Glass.

Next is a house with several elements: Table supported with columns again, and a couch by the fireplace with a mirror on the mantlepiece.

And finally, I discovered this cool trick a few years ago. You can place a passenger car on rails which have been embedded in blocks. I placed a shelf above the center block and once the passenger car was in place it looks like a restaurant booth that two players can actually SIT in. The cabinets behind offer some decoration and this happens to be Handcar Cafe, hence the decor. Getting the tracks and passenger car in place can be a little tricky, so just ask me for advice on that if you need it.


How do you add the blocks? @jemnidad

perhaps make a tutorial on this?

@Mepewarrior09 and @Codeoffun, there’s already a thread explaining how to do this. (Can’t find the link… @jemnidad made it so…?)

Yep, here’s the old link on how to bury tracks under blocks: Revolutionary New Track Design Trick!

The passenger cars also need to be placed in the space above the block or else they break. An alternate method is that you have extra track on either side of the desired location and you basically drive them into place with a train engine, then remove the engine.

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Oh wow I’m crazy i saw the link and went “meh ok lets ask if he could make a tutorial”