How to make Linux Server


Hi All,

I wish to create a Private Server on my Linux Server.

In the past I create a LAN Server on my iMac. But now, I with to move it on Linux Server Online for me and others friends.

Can you help me ?


There is no Linux Server available for Blockheads. The Mac server is your only option other than paying for a Cloud server


If you like, wingysam can make a Mac server for you here:


I wish there was a Linux server available…


Thanks for your answer.

You right, I don’t found any Linux server.
But this is a question for developers.
When are they give a linux server available.

Mac server binary is not yet available on BlockHead site.

Cloud server need in-app purchase.
it’s too expensive for playing 4 days at month.

Thanks for you link.
But I can’t connect and create an account.

I wish too. Welcome to my world.


The developer is working a new game called Sapiens and as far as I know, has no intention of making a Linux server available. I thought the Mac server was available on the Mac store thingy. But I don’t have a Mac so I have no experience there.

Yeah, it’s a bit expensive to only play limited days a month. Maybe try finding a server owned by someone else that you can simply play on?