How to make profit easily


First of all you must have a trade portal max level or have lots of gold ingots and sticks.

Craft a gold spade.
Destroy Sand.
Place sand.
Destroy sand.
Place sand.

Eventually after repeating this you will be receiving black sand.

Sell the bonus items you received.


This can be done with dirt too but the bonus is not as good.

Thank you @Blocknuggets for letting me know about this part below

Mining stone that is not placed while using a gold spade is better than using a gold pickaxe and you will receive major profit.


Good tip! You can also use it on stone. You will have chances of ore, ingots, and gems. The gold ore and ingots you get will help pay towards your next gold spade.


But you cannot on stone bricks. Only on cave stone, and that I should illegal in blockheads to obtain that.


It does not work on stone that is placed so I did not include that but it is good to mine stone with a gold pickaxe.


You can always mine the ‘natural’ stone with a gold spade.


The problem with rocks and stone the rocks are naturally in a cave that when pickaxe it will become a stone and the stone are not natural like stone already used by humans with there hands so you cannot use stone for a golden pickaxe because of the stone will not be able to cobble any minerals can be mined there only rocks. When you digging in caves with rocks using gold pickaxe there’s a possible bonus item you can get but using this from stone I don’t think so.

Tested work with rocks not with stones only for natural :wink:


Wait, really?


That is exactly what @Alexandra_Inglorien was saying. It has to be stone that is in its natural state or not yet mined.


Dark, get a gold spade and hit some unmined stone with it. You’ll see what I mean. :thumbsup:


Yeah, I see now very nice.


I tried it out just now, and it seems the gold spade trick took a huge nerf in 1.7
I used to earn lots of gold, but one spade only yielded one gold ingot and everything else was a lot less frequent…


You have very great communication skills for a businessman-disguised-as-teen, I must admit.


Well, thank you! Probably @Alexandra_Inglorien already said but I wanted to test it and I did to perhaps for distinguishing between who knows how it works.

Edit: here’s a tip whose using a gold pickaxe and a gold shovel if you were going to make the underground base, farm, crafting, and etc. You might use gold pickaxe for bonus items but we all know gold pickaxe is really easy to break maybe 20blocks or more you already mined probably the golden pickaxe you use might break. And if you want coal, ores, and etc like sluicing you can use a golden shovel while shoveling unmined blocks the golden shovel dropping a lot of ores, coals, ingots, and etc. Me while mining one rock golden pickaxe gave me 2 golden ingots or tin, copper ingots so far.


So a shovel is better when used on stone ?


Here’s the answer for what’s the best to use a gold pickaxe or a gold shovel

Gold shovel - while using it to dig the rocks took me 3 seconds.
Gold pickaxe - one hit when you hit the rocks.


Good to know the spade is still better. Am I being off topic…? Uh…it’s profitable!


I’m currently setting up a test with gold tools. Wiki page is outdated for this. Anyone know if unmined marble, limestone, or sandstone will affect it with a gold pickaxe? NOT GOLD SPADE because then it will give gold ingots, oil, and something else…


I sometimes use the old method of making copper wires or making food (Not the best way to make profit but it still works)


I wonder what would happen if 1.8 rolled out with the ‘golden ember,’ and one used it to burn flax mats—interesting thought. :thinking:


It is random but the gold spade is definitely better