How to make profit easily


Yep, they suddenly items dropped under the rocks while you digging them off probably Golden spade is better since they can drop 3 iron ingots like what I tested from one rock can drop a lots ore and ingots not kinda rare when you using a gold spade to drop gems a kinda rare when you need diamond while using gold spade. But when comes gold pickaxe it’s really rare to randomly spawn gems but it always spawns ingots all kind of ingots will be dropped using this pickaxe a rare thing to pickaxe to drop randomly any kind of gems it’s hard though.


Okay, a gold pickaxe has a chance to get gold ingots from red marble, etc. Gold spade always gets you it.


But I’m guessing the gold spade takes longer?


Gold spade + coal = DIAMOND GALORE


Sorry for late responded but maybe no, so you have to make golden spade 5-10 to loot in mine because everyone know gold is not heavy might be expensive but easily to break unlike iron, steel, titanium, and etc. They are really heavy and strong for mining and golden spade only to loot like farming in mine.


The chances of getting rewards are probably based on each stroke, not block @THEHACKKNIGHT


Are you saying it does take longer for a gold spade to break blocks?

Yeah, maybe, @GoodGradesBoy. But maybe they’re like the gem picks, and you can cheat by doing only the last stroke with the spade? Y’know the trick that I believe Jemni shared recently excuse me if I got that wrong, probably did


That’s what I’m talking about when you mining block using gold spade it takes longer but it will drop a lot of ores, ingots, gems, and etc. Not like a golden pickaxe, only one hit to mine the rocks that are why gold spade only for looting in a cave.


Longer to dig = more hits = more random items