How to progress with dodos?


Is it just me or do the longer chain dodos take longer to lay eggs ? I’ve sort of stagnated at emerald, and it won’t progress from there, any tips ? Also, does temperature affect the dodo egg laying process? Because I’m trying dodo breeding in a relatively cold area.


Get more Emerald Dodos maybe, took me a few days to get to Diamond.


I think it’s helpful you can breed them in cold temperature even in the cave it’s okay. The thing is separate the same dodo egg and breeds them they can level up like this.
Here as the pic, you can see for example here you separated the oil from coal since dodo coal given you the dodo oil you have to breed dodo oil until they hatch fuel dodo it’s 2 option they hatch same as them or level up to hatch dodo fuel egg. Believe me, this also happened to me too.


You forgot the credit the people DarkHorse. :stuck_out_tongue:

Donkey breeding and dodo breeding takes lots of patience in general.


Thanks for the picture, Don’t worry I’ll do credit next time. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I also breeded on a relatively cold area, and it did take a lot for my emerald dodos to make a ruby one, just put a lot of them together and some eggs might appear…


I dont think it has anything to do with temperature. It’s been said that the rarer the dodo, the longer the time it takes for it to lay eggs and that this is an intended feature to keep the breeding a challenge.

But once your dodos start laying their eggs, they spawn pretty common, especially if there are a lot of em


As of 1.6, if you put a dodo egg on lava, the egg instantly hatched. There might be something to do with the temperature.


That still work on 1.7?


Haven’t tried it yet.


wouldn’t the dodo die from the lava ?


Not if you cage it.