How to raise donkeys easier


First keep in mind that I don’t know very well about this subject,I’m not a beta tester. But since I see everyone is struggling to raise donkeys I want to share some tips and from my brief experience of being a donkey mother.

-1.Don’t desesperate and don’t try competeting unfriendly with your fellow players for “who’s getting a unicorn faster” competition. Relax this game is for fun and there’s still lots of stuff to do other than donkey raising.

2-. Ok this one idk if it’s true,but apparently if u put a cherry tree near the donkey area they evolve faster! At least it worked for me,since I saw some friend of mine with donkeys near a cherry tree and they evolved fast. I repeat I DON’T KNOW IF IT WAS EXACTLY THE CHERRY TREE THE CAUSE OF MY DONKEYS EVOLVING FASTER,but I thought it might be worth sharing,a little experiment doesn’t hurt besides cherry trees are easy to get and won’t cause any damage to the donkey or ur money.

Hope u all are having a lovely day.

EDIT:thanks to @GoodGradesBoy for putting in tips and guides category,so sorry about putting it in suggestions I’m new here at the forums so that’s why I’m such a noob in these topic stuff.


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I would actually love to see a competitive breeding scene :lol: Thank you for this guide, I’m playing a lot of local SP with my sister and we’re fighting to just breed as many donkeys and dodos as we can. Right now my army is out of control :joy:


Thanks for the guide!


It was great reading your post and I couldn’t agree more with your first point. I think it’s important for people not to get swept up in comparing themselves with friends in the grand unicorn race. (you put it so well). Whenever you end up getting your first unicorn, will be just as fantastic an experience — and what a great payoff for hard work and diligence. It’s an awesome accomplishment and there is really no rush.

I don’t know about the cherry trees. Interesting theory. Will need to test that out.

Nice post. :thumbsup:


How do I spawn a donkey to do this?


Plant carrots and meditate until one spawns (or just wait if in Expert Mode)