How to remove stone backwall

trying to make a farm underground. How can I remove stone backwall? Does the method using compost still work?

I don’t believe you can anymore, and I also think that the compost method doesn’t work.

You would have to remove it from the top.
It has to be clear of blocks and at the edge in order to remove it


Make sure there are two sides that are empty space (without backwall) around it, and they can be any two sides. Then just whack it with a pickaxe.


I thought it had to be the top and a side to the left or right, not just any two sides?

You shouldn’t be able to remove the backwall underneath another one without hacking, but if you do, you would be able to remove the one above it (with another free space).

Here’s a video showing that it can be any two sides, not just the top + one to the left/right.

Hope it helped. :smile:


Yes, you’re correct about that.