How to respawn at nearest portal

How do I make settings to respawn at nearest portal

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You can’t. The spawn portal is always where you will respawn.

If you have a single blockhead, and have no respawn on, players can zoom out to the map view, and tap on another portal to spawn there, however.

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Oh ok

If you have only one blockhead, you can kill it and you’ll be able to spawn at any portals in areas that you’ve discovered.

Uh it doesn’t let me look further then the original portal

If you have no Blockhead you don’t have free movement with your “camera”. You will notice that when creating or joining a world you have no Blockheads on.

I didn’t realise that applied after death too, so that’s a good thing to know!


(Suggestion) The owner of a world could have the ability to set a different Portal as the main portal, this will allow people to spawn in different areas of the world and allow decentralization when the OG first portal / spawn is almost full build wise

Btw milla there is a way to spawn in at a different portal if you die, basically you can zoom out and view all near by portals and click one, you can even sometimes zoom out and drag to find a portal and click (drag with two fingers never letting go of screen)

The spawn portal is where all dead BHs respawn. I’m not aware of any way to change this. The idea of death is that presents a challenge. The wait time, the potential loss of inventory items, and the travel. This is why I place portals at regular intervals as I travel, so I can teleport any resurrected BH as close as possible to where they died.